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Some AugieDoggerel · 5:57pm Apr 5th, 2019

With Season Nine:

Less than 24 hours away—or should that be "fewer than 24 hours away"?—I've finally let loose my entry in Shrink Laureate's Season 9 Bingo Writing Contest!

EClaw and Ordure
When a matter arises that dates back to the earliest days of pony unification, Flash Magnus finds himself calling upon skills he'd almost forgotten he possessed to once again save the day.
AugieDog · 9.2k words  ·  52  2 · 717 views

It's over on the AugieDog account since it's not a story that originated at the Writeoff site—though I do have a story in the current original fiction contest with the prompt I Did My Best if anyone wants to glance through the seven entries and try to pick mine out...

There's always just so much going on! :pinkiegasp:


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Fewer. Hours are discrete objects. Though it's also less time, so there's a bit of a grey area.


I always remember it as:

Less mashed potatoes and fewer peas. But maybe that's just because it's almost supper time...


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