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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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Banshee531 · 8:58pm Apr 4th, 2019

Hey everyone. Once again here's an update on my upcoming stories. Not much has changed since the last time, but here you go.

Published Stories

The Element Of Courage

Yugioh, EQG

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S1

Power Rangers, Guardians of Harmony

Yugioh, EQG: Shadow Gates

Flash Sentry, Chaos and Disharmony

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S2

Power Rangers Guardians vs Power Rangers Revolution X

Flash Sentry One-Shots

Power Rangers, Legendary Guardians

Flash Sentry, Crystal Darkness

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S3

Pokemon: Harmony and Chaos

Flash Sentry Chronicles: EQG

Pokemon the Movie: Total Eclixie the Heart

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S4

Yugioh EQG: XX

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Rainbow Rocks

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Forgotten Darkness

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Our Town

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Knight of Friendship

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S5

Pokemon: Equestrian Adventures

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Friendship Games

Flash Sentry Chronicles: War of the Lost City

Yugioh EQG: Ω Zenith

Pokemon the Movie: Voice of the Ocean

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S6

Pokemon: Champions of Equestria

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Legend of Everfree

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Dragon's Awakening

Grand Hoof: The Legend Begins

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S7

Flash Sentry's EQG Chronicles

Pokemon the Movie: Rival and Darkness

Power Rangers: Guardian of Harmony, Ten Year Return

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Movie

Bakugan: EQG

Flash Sentry Chronicles: School's in Session

Flashlight Week

THe Omnitrix Hero

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S8

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Jakhowls Rising

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Evil's Uprising

My New Life as a Pony

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S9

Digimon Codex

Upcoming Stories

Kamen Rider Shifter

More stories will be added if and when I come up with them. I look forward to seeing what you think.

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Comments ( 50 )

Ooh that one with Pokemon the voice of the ocean... Is that suppose to be a cross between Pokemon forever and Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea or something else? Oh also quick question whats your favorite Pokemon regular and legendary?

So many awesome stories to look forward to! You know I am excited for your Yugioh stories, though your Pokémon ones are amazing too.

By the way, two things I noticed with two titles quickly:

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace P5

I think you meant S5

Yugioh EQG: Alpha Omega Raising

I am pretty sure you meant Rising.

Regardless though, keep up the epic work!

So, you're going to have us wait three to four more stories before Flash and Twilight become an item? :ajbemused: Okay, okay, I guess it's not technically more than three seasons, so no FlashLight fangirl tears, for now. :trollestia: Hmm, you seem to be padding in more specials between each season. :applejackunsure:

Also, how long is your Yugioh story going to be just a preview? :applejackunsure:

5038257 Well once the Pokemon story comes to an end, I'll start releasing the rest of the chapters. I may also release some if my editor requires extra time to work on Forgotten Darkness.

Oh mine is gengar (not sure i spelled it right) and my favorite legendary is Zygard

5038271 I don't really have a favourite legendary.

Say I just thought about something in your Pokemon harmony and chaos have you thought about using ultra beasts? like buzzwole or celesteela (for the record I just named a couple from a hand book) they sound cool.

5038283 Well I prefer to have the focus be on my own Pokemon. But if a chance comes up I might squeeze them in.

Well I ment could you make up your own ultra beasts? I just said the names to get an idea.

5038289 My pokedex is already filled. I don't think I can add anymore.

Oh okay I guess you never thought about ultra beasts hu?

5038292 Not really. But know that I think of it, one of my fake pokemon could be classed as an ultra beast, since it comes from another dimension.

Are you talking about the one sunset shimmer protected as an egg? that could work.

5038296 Yup, that one. Let's just say that's an ultra beast a call it a night.

Had a thought on your Voltron story, Shining is Shiro with Flash as Keith with Lyra as Lance, Micro Chips as Pidge, Sandlawood as Hunk with Twilight as Allura... or to keep with the LanceXAllura Sweetie Drops... just a thought

Well, both of his other Yugioh stories were 50 chapters so I think it is safe to guess that this one will be 50 too.

Umm, I meant how long are we going to have to wait before he releases the other chapters. :twilightsheepish:

Oh, in that case probably until after his first main Pokémon series is done. So maybe at least 10 weeks?

I gotta say, I'm pretty curious about that Kamen Rider story.

You know when im thinking about the lost city, I got atlantis on my mind...or is it different?

I think ita time to update this blog so that it will be easier to keep tracks on

Hey cool, I just noticed a Digimon story was added for later. That might take sometime to get to but I bet it will be awesome and nostalgic.

Grand Hoof: the Legend Begins

T should be capitalized

Grand Hoof: The Legend Begins.

Or you put lower t on purpose? I’m sorry for being a grammar nazi.

Well, I can’t wait for the origin of the Colt who became the Royal Knight we know and love!

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Dragon's Awakening

Oh boy! I know I have to wait and see but I can’t help but.....

I have a feeling this story either focus on Spike finally awakening his dragon feeling or an ancient evil dragon came back to wreck havoc on heroes but who know? I could be wrong.

Kamen Rider Veedra

A Kamen Rider story? Huh.... I thought you already doing that with Snow Fire for To Build a Winning Formula.

Whatever you planning, you are full of surprises!

Are you going to up date this soon?

Flash sentry chronicles movie "YES!" :twilightsmile:

Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Movie

Yes! A theatrical movie of the best adaptation fic!

Look like you're not doing either EQG story or even original story before the movie?

Cool! A movie adaptation after Season 7!


I just thought an idea by watch this video here.
Flash Sentry going beast mode and I can think of some moments when he could.

1. When facing off agesnt The Storm King for almost killing Twilight. He can go Bizark and punch him so hard in the face that have him lose some teeth.
2. When Cozy zapped Twilight during The ending of the end he can really flip his lead and kicked in the nose costing it to bleed.
3. Seeing Lord Tirek Grabbed Twilight by the wings and almost blasted her with the other villains. He can go for a super face gut punch DBZ style and then proceed to beat the ever living crap out of them.

Kamen Rider Shifter

A Kamen Rider fic? You got my curiosity… sound like this is original Kamen Rider one.

The title sound sci-fi one than fantasy one.

Well, Grand Hoof story is officially complete! :)

So after you rewrite the movie you gonna handle season 8 huh? Good I've heard a lot of fans hated that season becuse of it's many problems hope you can fix said problems.

There aren't really any "problems". Just people complaining about aspects of it they don't like, except they never got over it. Like the School of Friendship or Cozy Glow being the main villain of the season instead of Chrysalis or Neighsay. Probably the biggest complaint though is how Rainbow and Applejack endangered students (particularly Yona) in Non-Compete Clause.

It is really no different than the drama from other stuff like Twilight becoming an alicorn, the destruction of the Golden Oak Library, Starlight reforming, etc...


Well Super Sonic heroes Is right. However there still problems in that seasons that maybe fans complain about I'm not saying that I'm one of those people (Personally I'm Indifferent to the season) I'm just fans have been complaining about it a lot. Take this charaters for example.

1. https://youtu.be/kTuyLcJEHJ4

2. https://youtu.be/lITBHl_6Iz8

3. https://youtu.be/aDEfG8k3lG4

4. https://youtu.be/BToRLQPNpp0

5. https://youtu.be/GopblZTHcFQ

Here's are a list of predictions that I think that are going to happened in the chapters here.
The movie
1. Flash Sentry get separated from the mane 6.
2. Flash and the other knights journey the the hippogriff Kingdome
3. Skybreaker and Tidal Wave are very dis-trusting with the hippogriffs and the Captain Celaeno and her crew.
4. Flash gets help from the other kingdoms
5. Flash vs The Storm King and/or Void and/or the mystery villain
School's in Session
1. Both Flash and Starlight cheer up Twilight
2. Flash punches Neighsay in the face
3. Flash stops the leaders from picking among each other.
Defender of the Peace S8
1. The Maud Couple: Wild would get a long with Muad's boyfriend
2. Fake It 'Til You Make It: Iron would help out Fluttershy with Rarity's dress shop in Manehatten
3. Grannies Gone Wild: Soarin would go with Rainbow Dash and the Golden Horseshoe Gals to Las Pegasus
4. Surf and/or Turf: Flash can go with Twilight and the CMC to Mt. Aris
5. Horse Play: Flash tells Celestia himself about her acting and stopping Twilight from lying to her.
6. The Parent Map: Flash would joke at Spike about his mission the friendship problem that he made.
7. Non-Compete Clause: Flash would call out Applejack and Rainbow Dash on their competitive nature.
8. The Break Up Break Down: Rouge would help out Big Mac in this little mix up in heart's and hooves day and Rogue and AJ began their relationship.
9. Molt Down: Springer helps Spike with his molting issues.
10. Marks for Effort: Flash would set down and talk to Twilight and the CMC about them going to the school.
11. The Mean 6: Flash would see thought the mean 6 and fight evil clone Flash.
12. A Matter of Principals: Flash and Springer would call out Discord and him trying to close down the school.
13. The Hearth's Warming Club: Flash would talk to Gallus about his past.
14. Friendship University: Flash Sentry would arrest The Film Flam brother for the scheme they pulled.
15. The End in Friend: Flash calls out Rarity and Rainbow Dash for them hating each other for stupid seasons.
16. Yakity-Sax: Wild would help Pinkie with her yakity sax.
17. Road to Friendship: Springer could call out Starlight for what she did to Trixie's wagon
18. The Washouts: Flash would arrest the washouts for reckless in dangermen of a minor.
19. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place: Flash Sentry and Flash Manus found out their ancestry.
20. What Lies Beneath: Fire Hear and Soul Silver join the student six at the roots of the tree.
21: Sounds of Silence: Iron and Rogue joins Fluttershy and Applejack at a friendship quest.
22. Father Knows Beast: Spike not paying Sludge's story.
23: School Raze: The CMC Fire, Soul, Rumble, Button Mash, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon join the student six in stopping Cozy Glow and have them do more then just distracting her.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: School's in Session

Let's me guess.

It's re-telling of School Daze?

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Jakhowls Rising

Oh boy, now that sounds like it is going to be an epic story.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Jakhowls Rising

Another one?! Sound like you and KingJoltik have a big plan for Jakhowl folks and this is might be Springer and his Jakhowls kids' biggest adventure so far.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Evil's Uprising

Flash Sentry Defender of the Peace S9

We are nearing the end my fellow fanfic readers and it looks like it's going to be good and I think we all know how this ends.

Just have Discord sing the song. Flash and Twilight ❤️ 💙 💜

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Evil's Uprising

Look like Evil's Uprising is going to be retelling of The Beginning of the End.

This is going to be interesting retelling considered Sombra was already brought back from the dead earlier.

Jakhowls Rising is out, time to update the list.

Evil's Uprising is out! One more story before the end of Flash Sentry Chronicles in Season 9!!!!!

I'm currently reading My New Life as a Pony and about to read the second chapter.

So update the list, please.

Season 9 is officially here! The final chapter of Flash Sentry Chronicles is finally here!

Update the list! Please!

Hello Banshee now that you're done with the Flash Sentry Chronicles what are your future projects are going to do now?

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