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"Aegis" returns with its last chapter before the first half of Season 9! · 9:39pm Apr 3rd, 2019

And another chapter of "Aegis" is finished! Next up on the list of personal nightmares is Corn Pops. He meets his mom again but, just like Curtain Call had to find out, she's not quite the same mom he remembers.
Corn Pops has to be a very tough boy in this next chapter:


And with this, "Aegis" also enters into a hiatus. As I said previously, I want to finish "Aegis" before Season 9 starts, but it's not a completely secure goal. And after mulling it over, I have decided to send it on hiatus until the first half of Season 9 has been aired.
There's another multi-chapter fic, the one for Cozy Glow I'm talking about for a while now, that I finally want to start publishing here with its first chapter before Season 9 starts, which I will be writing away at tomorrow and on Friday. Despite that, I would still be able to finish "Aegis" too just with the total time until Season 9 starts alone. But there are a few other things I want and need to take care of before Season 9 starts.
Among them cleaning my CMC plushies to make them ready for the Season 9 Start Meetup, reading the latest five issues of the official comics which I'm behind on, finally analyzing the Season 9 trailer and previews we got so far and write an analytical blog entry with the results and checking the newest fics of the last few weeks to be up-to-date there too before Season 9 starts.
If I would finish "Aegis" now, I could still do most of that, but I could only release the analytical blog entry about the Season 9 trailer on Friday then, which is far too close to the start of Season 9, and I could not read up on all the issues of the official comics anymore then and would be left with three issues that I would still have to read after the premiere weekend.
I'm not completely happy with that, as it means I won't have met my pre-Season 9 writing goal completely. And the latest chapter that I just released also ends on a big cliffhanger, which will leave the few readers of the fic chomping at the bit for months on end.
But with the other important things I want and need to take care of and finish before Season 9 starts and with the fact that "Aegis" has much less readers than most of my other fics (you should really give "Critter Snow Day" a chance, it was a lot of hard work to ponify that movie and it turned out great), I decided that delaying the writing of the last two chapters is the lesser evil.

After Season 9 has entered its mid-season hiatus, "Aegis" will come out of its hiatus with the last two chapters and the conclusion of everything. Until then, I will focus on writing for Season 9, so you can look out for more writing goodness from me either way.
Fluttercheer, out.

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Its fine. Me, i don't mind if i get my Stories done After Season 9

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