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''I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space … a message to lead myself here.''-Rose. The new profile pic is by RiverMoon

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  • Thursday
    Hey everyone. I am just making a quick update.

    I have and haven’t been doing to well recently. I had a lot of anxiety attacks recently due to stress but I am keeping myself largely busy for the most part with games. I plan on recording some games maybe and posting them on YouTube and as for my stories I really really want to write again but I know I can’t under the current condition I am in and so please wait for a bit. I am also getting

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  • 9 weeks
    I am alive.

    Hello everyone. I have been gone for quite a while now and it’s because I am trying to work on my life and personal problems. I have been trying to get things together and get everything ready. It has not worked out so well. I know I have failed all of you and I promise I don’t plan on leaving forever but I need time to get my life together. I look back here and worry about how I failed you all.

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  • 37 weeks

    So let's just talk about my stories. I am planning more for clever like a fox and others but sadly as I have said it will come out in short content bursts and I am planning a new story but it will have to wait. I am at a stand still because of the lack of content I have been putting out regarding my YouTube videos as well but a new law can come into affect that could be damaging to my channel but

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  • 37 weeks
    Happy new year everyone!

    I just wanted to say Happy new year everyone! I will also be coming out with update blogs to talk about what’s going on.

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  • 41 weeks
    Still alive.

    Hi everyone I am still alive but am going through a bunch of personal issues at the moment and am having trouble putting out content due to these issues. I am very sorry I disappeared and I am still working on putting out content. it's just going to be very short burst. I hope you all have a good day.

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Anyone Want A Brony Gaming Team For ESports? · 1:40am Apr 3rd, 2019

So I see gaming teams that are from there own fandoms like the Halo Teams and The counter strike teams but there isn't a Brony Gaming Team in Esports and so I was wondering if anyone knew why and if they would like a Brony gaming team for Esports?

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