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It Has To Be Canon (Part 2)... · 7:05pm Apr 2nd, 2019

Something that was touched upon by Molininous in his Cinema Sins parody of Spring Breakdown when he brought attention to Sunny Bunny's necklace.

Of all the girls, she is the only one wearing a particular type of necklace, as shown in the pic below:

From Urban Dictionary:

Plain black choker necklaces sometimes signified secret lesbianism.


Now before anyone splits hairs, yes I see that her choker isn't black; it's the color of her bra straps (or spaghetti strap that Hasbro probably wants us to believe). However, shots from a distance the color easily looks black if one is not looking closely.

So, am I thinking too far into this or has Hasbro secretly confirmed SciSet (as theorized by my previous blog post)?

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Comments ( 37 )

I feel like Hasbro has confirmed.:applejackunsure:Maybe Hasbro is shipping characters (like us) but since it's a kid-friendly show they can't put it in...or am I thinking too far?:rainbowhuh:

No, you most certainly aren't. Hasbro has basically been silently confirmed LyraBon since Slice of Life.

I mean, there's this, and this, and this and don't forget this one!

"Just friends" my ass.

If you're thinking too far, then so am I...and I'm not thinking that far into it. I'm just putting puzzle pieces together to see a nice SciSet wedding picture.

True. It's too bad Bon Bon missed the cruise. Probably a good thing since Lyra was having a pretty nice chat with Tavi.

Yeah from all the scenes, they have secretly confirmed LyraBon.

Hehe. I imagine it's more professional with Octavia; if Lyra is still a musician in EQG, then she's probably just talking shop. You can't come between "best friends" so easily.

The second image is even from a Hearts and Hooves episode... So they were exchanging gifts on Hearts and Hooves day... Hrmmmmm...


"Just friends" my ass.


Yeah suspicious!Just friends...sure Hasbro, sure!:facehoof::facehoof:

My point exactly. So if they've got little problem silently confirming LyraBon, I don't think it's too farfetched to think that they'd do it elsewhere. The only obstacle I can see is that this is a main character, not a background character. Would they be willing to take that kind of risk with a character who's often in the spotlight? Given the changing mentality of cartoons these days, I wouldn't be too astounded, personally. Then again, this is the company that's afraid to use the words "death," "die," and "kill" in the slightest.

True.These are main characters, so they are almost in everything.Confirming could be risky but we just know they are right for each other.

Awww. Not much cuter than a pair of nerds in love. :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry, I'm such a fangirl (I guess you could say) of this ship!:twilightblush:

Me too...except, well, I'm not a girl. So I guess that would be...fanboy? Is that an official term? :rainbowhuh:

5037177, 5037198
So then we're in agreement, "Lesbianism Is Magic"? :pinkiehappy:

Yeah...something like that.

I'd more say "Love of Any Kind is Magic." It can be straight, like Cadence and Shining; gay, like Braeburn and whoever he's with; or lesbian, like LyraBon and maybe SunLight!

Okay, okay. Fine. "Love Is Magic".

Yea... that necklace caught my attation as it was brought up. I didnt even know that was the definition until afterwards. Awkward(for me) but it would certainly support it. To put it plainly- My bio pic represents my reaction once I found out.

They always say that your significant other should also be your best friend~...

Honestly, I'm just taking it as true until proven incorrect. Like THE ENORMOUS RARIJACK SHIPPING, HOLY CRAP! Rarity is just LYING to herself!

Right!It doesn’t matter what you like as long as you and your other are happy!!!


They always say that your significant other should also be your best friend~...

But Sunset isn't my friend. :raritycry:

I’m not gonna lie, I would love to have Sunset and Twilight as my friends.I want the mane 5 to be my friends as well.Just hanging out, doing sleepovers, It would be awesome!:twilightsmile:

5037258 Well, mostly anyways

But she should still be my friend...

5037272 Oh, I was talking about my previous message before that.


Well, now I feel silly.

*shakes head*

:raritycry: Why don't they like me? I just wanna be their friend! :raritycry:

5037305 I dont see why they wouldnt like you.

I have to agree with this because they have done this before in rollercoaster of friendship which they got Applejack and Rarity so said "together" so, at this point Hasbro and maybe Lauren Faust are mostly are doing this for us (the fans that aren't little kids) because the show is going to end at season 9 so with equestria girl they are making our favorite ships come true so we can be happy even though the show will end in about a year, it's just a theory though. so, if you read this thank you and remember that it a theory so thank for reading and enjoy your day or night in my case bye.

I honestly see this happening but they're walking a tightrope on this one, looking for a right opportunity to reveal it in a way that would bite them in the ass the least. The chemistry between them is too much to be considered as just friends.


It's as old as, or possibly older than, 'fangirl'

As though Cadance is straight :P

You think RariJack's like early-stage Faye and Bubbles in Questionable Content?

I don't get the reference.

It's a webcomic. A very good webcomic.

I said no. I mean at the end of the day, it a fashion choice. Probably many in the Goth, Emo, and Vampire community that wear a black or almost black choker. That doesn't mean that they're all gay. The only thing Hasbro has confirmed is that Sci-Twi is dating Timber Spruce.

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