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  • 27 weeks
    Account transfer/deletion

    Hi, I've created a new account and have transferred my stories over to it along with a group I created.

    My new account is anotheraccount

    The account deletion request for this account has been submitted
    (sorry for the word mixup, I accidentally said that the request was deleted when I meant that the request was submitted)

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  • 27 weeks
    Stories being transferred

    Hi, my stories are being transferred to anotheraccount

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  • 28 weeks
    I turned off my email notifications

    I turned off my email notifications (email replies to posts, email PMs)...I received an email with a reply to something that if taken out of context looks very suspicious...

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  • 42 weeks
    Eternal Pun-ishment 28

    :pinkiesmile: HEY FLUTTERSHY!

    :fluttershbad: EEP!

    :pinkiesmile: Have you heard about the bird who was asked to remove paint from a wall he just painted?

    [Fluttershy curious] Um, no?

    :pinkiesmile: He sang a song to transport himself back a few days into the past to prevent himself from painting the wall in the first place.

    [Fluttershy curious] Oh?

    Read More

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  • 47 weeks
    Eternal Pun-ishment 27

    [On the EQG side of the mirror]

    [Pinkie] Hey, Rarity!
    [Rarity] Hi, Pinkie!
    [Pinkie] So, if a robot takes off its knee-high footwear...
    [Rarity] Yes?
    [Pinkie] When the robot puts them back on again, is it rebooting?

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1957 BBC April Fool's prank · 9:34pm Apr 1st, 2019

Spaghetti Trees... brilliant :pinkiesmile:

Report cucharrador · 143 views · #April 1
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