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Displaced Kombatant — Henkō Yurei · 8:24pm Apr 1st, 2019

What happens when you see something you never expected? What happens when someone who didn't want you to see it knows what you saw.... and aims to make sure you don't tell a living soul?

I just noticed a young man dressed as Zero from the Mega Man X series apparently dissolve into glittering dust that vaporized into a sparkling spiral of flames before vanishing. I was dressed as the infamous sorcerer most knew to be a soul stealer. I offhandedly noticed a man dressed as Ishmael, the Betrayer of Hope, from the Wheel of Time series, from the corner of my eye.

"Careful, boy. Or you won't be heard from as there are those who prefer their secrets not to be revealed," a raspy voice growled, making my gaze shift to the Ishmael cosplayer when I felt something slam hard into my chest as I coughed from the intense internal pain. My hand slapped onto an amulet as weapons fell atop me, including a bladed fan, fortunately, for me, closed, as well as a glowing emerald amulet, a serrated kunai with chain, razor sharp, as well as a mask that fell haphazardly on my head.

The last thing I saw was the stranger with the blazing mouth and eyes smirking at me through a veiled face. "Now... you will suffer... and preferably... die," he sneered.

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