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    An Update on Things!

    Hiya guys! It's been a while :twilightsmile:

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    SOS! The School Vampire has arrived again...

    Classes began already in my little corner of the world :ajsleepy: I'm three weeks into the school period but I am already dying I swear to god...


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    WORK WORK (+Sneak Peek)

    I've recovered! :yay: After taking a little break, I am now extra motivated to continue writing. In fact, today I jumped from 500-ish words to almost 3000! I've spent most of my day writing (with the ocassional break to eat, use the bathroom, or play otomes oops) and I'm happy to tell that The Amulets (Part 2) is coming along smoothly!

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    I Just Found Out Something

    So, the reason every single pony we've seen, even the bald ones, have a tail is that...

    They have bones in there :derpyderp2:

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    Hello, I ain't dead...

    Hi, guys! :twilightsmile:

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Better Together: Five Stars · 2:17am Apr 1st, 2019

Have I ever said that I really like this Dinner? I'm actually very fond of the 50s!

I'm trying to decide if this is adorable or scary...

Pinkie, care to tell why in the world the lady would need Twilight?

This lady is a lot like grannies from my country :rainbowlaugh:

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