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Another day, another round of dislikes. · 7:16pm Mar 31st, 2019

Fourth time someone has gone and disliked pretty much all my stories. Not sure why, but it makes ratings increasingly hard for me to take seriously here. Probably didn't even bother to read anything beyond the tags of one story and got offended.

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I don't really care for the ratings. You just kinda accept that people will not like the things you do and simply state it. However, it's very baffling and childish for someone to deliberately go after all your work to just dislike it. Same person, I presume?

I figure so, since they all got dislikes around the same time. Either that or a small hate group working against me if I was a conspiracy theorist!

Granted, I understand why people would dislike my most extreme fics as they're for a niche audience, but slapping a dislike on everything (Especially my one G rated story) just seems inane.

I care less about the rating and more that less people will even give my work a try every time this happens for something out of my control. Ah well, thanks for listening! :pinkiesad2:

Meh. Haters gonna hate bro. Apparently on magical talking cartoon ponies.

Thanks. Yeah, just wish I got more advice to improve instead of just dislikes. Is it more the content (In which case why bother voting other than to try and shut a writer down?) or the execution?

Some people dislike my work because they're not m-rated clop, I try to keep my stories T-rated. I would focus on the people that like your story, if you need feedback they'll give to you in an honest way.

It like in a Dragonball forum, you could be talking about Goku and somebody run by shouting Superman rules or Goku suck. Just like Judge Judy said, "Some people like to stir the pot." Meaning they like to cause trouble.

Good advice! Yeah, I try to focus on all the people who enjoy my work. Of course I always wish to improve my craft, but I tried to accept sometime back I'll always be a niche writer.

Never expected fame, but I just wish I'd get a little more feedback on how to do better if someone sincerely disliked my work for reasons other than content. Ah well, preaching to the choir I'm sure, thanks for listening to me vent!

Fan fiction mate. Hell, when I got actual help, I was thrilled

Yep, luckily most commenters have been very helpful with advice. :twilightsheepish:

Oof. I know how that feels. You write a story with your fetish in mind, and it just gets downvoted on principal. Some people just don't put into consideration the fact that as writers, we express ourselves with and occasionally get off on our stories.

Don't let the downvotes get you down, though. I mean, look at The Dark Wolf. Their stories get constantly downvoted, but they don't let that stop them! I just remind myself that if they can take that and keep going, so can I and so can you.

I do hope you found this encouraging.

Thanks! Yeah, I remind myself some people like my work, plus I feel a need to write so push on through the doubts. :pinkiesad2:

Fight the good fight! =)

I feel for you because I've been there. There's nothing wrong with writing as a form of self-expression. The thing that matters the most and speaks louder than ratings is people enjoying your stories and adding them to their libraries. If anyone has a problem with your stories, that's on them. You do you.

Thank you, much appreciated!

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