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Review/comment Love is Blind · 4:37am Mar 31st, 2019

Love is Blind by dirty little secret

Wish there was a continuation again
9/10 very accurate to the situation would love to see more

Reveiw and explanation below the fold

Ok another one by dirty little secret again but what the hell it was on my to read list so lets hash this out. First and fore most both chapters take place in the same moment of time. What do I mean well the first chapter tells the "scene" from Shining Armors perspective and the second chapter tells the same "scene" from Princess Cadance's perspective. How well does this story tell this.. from personal experience while under the effects of medical Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed and doing some self trance I know that the being "blind" heightens the other four senses. While its not Recommend to combine the two or be under the effects of psychoactive drugs let alone do anything that involves operating stuff. For me it has little to no effect unless I plan to quadruple my dosage, SOOOO ya kids stay in school and don't fuck with shit unless a doc gives the okay. But that's enough of my side, back to the book and the effects of sense deprivation.

So when you lose one of your five senses your body will automatically switchs to the others to help tell whats going on in the world around you. Case in point people who are legally blind or blind from birth have a higher sense of touch, taste, smell, and hearing then the rest of us. Those who are deft tend to have a better time picking out movement as well as the other senses being heightened. Why this is I don't have a license to say facts but a logical guess for me would be to help keep you safe. Now if you try and tell me you were on drugs so how do you know what your saying is true. Well because the same effects are just amplified. Now you can judge me for taking care of my self when you have taken a walk in my shoes but until then can it.

Back to the book from personal experience what Shining Armor would be feeling would be par for the course as far as knowing whats going on. For Princess Cadance only she could control what happened around him and try to orchestrate these events around him to help keep him calm. Having a heighten sense can send you into Fight or Flight mode if you can't keep calm and having someone there to help ease the stress and/or anxiety will help prevent you from going into that mind set.

Your mind can make you feel things that don't exist. Case in point people who do psychoactive drugs like "acid" or "shrooms" can have what are called "Trips" weather they are good or bad depends on the environment and the mental state of the individual at that time. That saying "mind over matter" holds true as people who have bad trips can experience stuff that doesn't exists at all on or around them.

Princess Cadance does a good job putting him at ease through out the whole thing and executes her plan while keeping him from what I can tell "mentally safe"*. Thus providing an environment to feel safe and just experience the situation. While its hard to say if everyone would react this way only someone who truly knows you or someone who "you" can trust can put you at ease, its safe to say that this portrayal of the events is close to what would happen if someone felt uneasy about the situation and if the partner was fine with the situation would do, good work their dsl.

Now on to what I *ed
*"mentally safe" is when a person who isn't used to a situation goes into say for example a High on weed and starts to freak the fuck out but someone is there to help calm them down so they don't activate their Fight or Flight response. While this may not seem all that important it is extremely important to keep someone mentally calm during a heightened state of mind as they can cause extreme anxiety while under the influence and cause high blood pressure and in some cases a heart attack.

While that is bad as long as their is someone to keep the person calm and that they trust there is no risk of that happening. Being mentally safe is just as important as being physically safe each complements the other.

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