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Dethroned the 1st place team! · 7:31pm Mar 29th, 2019

Team 971, up until this match, was rank #1.
We, team 4598, weren't even in top 10.

We beat them through strategic defense, with our team focusing entirely on defending against 971.

We went up to 9th place, and 971 dropped from 1st to 8th.


We are good at defense. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: WE MOVED UP TO 8TH. Team 971 is 7th now, but another top 10 team ahead of us dropped in rank!

EDIT2: Mover up to 6th, dropped to 13th because we were on the bad end of the random alliance selector.

EDIT3: We... kinda beat our own rookie team to get to 11th place. Blame the random alliance matcher.

EDIT4: Lost all pressure in our main arm piston mid-match and racked up enough penalties to bring us down to 20th place for leaving the arm dragging.

EDIT5: ALLIED WITH OUR ROOKIE TEAM for our final match of the day. With the power of robotics (and quite a lot of school spirit) we won the match! :raritywink:

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Statement: Congratulations.

Ahhh, First Robotics. Good memories. Congrats on your team doing so well!

Thanks. We sorta tag-teamed alongside our school's rookie team in a Veteran-Rookie alliance. Definitely helped with coordinating strategy since us veterans literally built our robot in the same room as our rookie team.

Your school must be quite well off or have a lot of great sponsors to be able to afford two teams. That program isn’t cheap.

Yeah, that and the various things we do for raising money. We have a robotics gala, summer camps, etc. Just to bring the combined budget of both teams to around $25k.

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