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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.

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    Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno

    Hey all! It's shameless plug time!

    And it is 'technically' related to Twilight Over Thanalan AND Soaring on Little Wings, so it counts, dammit!


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    New Collaboration with Skijarama!

    Hey look! A new thing!

    Skijarama and I are doing another collaboration, as we have before for those familiar with Little Changes likewise published on my page. I know my general motivation to update has been rather... bleh of late, but I'm hoping between this co-effort and the upcoming gen 5 reveal I can get my mojo back.

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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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    Blizzard Filly - A one-shot by a friend of mine.


    Hey you!


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    Change Lives!

    Hey all, update time!

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Sparkle in the Darkness Reading · 1:14am Mar 26th, 2019


Hey, hey you! So, uh... ol' Darkle has a reading now in progress by Skijarama over on his YouTube channel. So... you should go listen, Sombra commands it! :pinkiecrazy:

But really, go give the guy some love (or likes if you prefer), he does a great job.

Find it below:

Comments ( 2 )

Thank you for the shout-out, my fine man.

Okay, cool, on my way.

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