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I write stories, rewrite stories, and am full of bamboo and eggs. Have an egg. Read a story. Don't get eggs on my fucking books.

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    Ah fuck, I can easily believe I've done this.

    So uh... I was thinking about the rewrites and was all like, 'Yo, when tf does Lupa fuck off for that quest?' and then I was like, 'Yo, wasn't that like, Chapter 26?', but then I was totally all, 'Shit, that's 27 and I just posted that.'.

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    Rewrite To Redemption Update

    Chapter Twenty-Seven is officially finished, and with it we bring Noir into the picture along with tackling Twilight with the love hug she deserves at this point in the story.

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    The Order Of The Dark Oats

    Re: Twenty-Five is officially finished and uh... Well, I wanted to rewrite the entire mission with Crimson, but I ended up developing more of Max's splintering psyche than the mission itself, but now the entire thing has a different flavor.

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    A Thief's Tale: Re: 23 (Put On The Red Light) Patch Notes

    Alright jacks of ass and my dearest readers, we've officially topped the word count for the longest chapter in the story by about 2000 words. The fun fact is that it could have easily been 70k if I didn't delete as much as I did, but let's get onto the differences, yeah?

    Final Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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    Redoing the Ringtail/Ringo Logo

    With the addition of the new art for A Thief's Tale comes the tantalizing prospect of a new avatar for which to tout my idiocy. Ringtail is the name and it's going to stick; we're long past the Casper Magic days of swapping names every couple weeks. However, that being said, I like the current profile picture I use for my writing and all. I'm just in the market for something new and am open to

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Yo, Listen Up · 12:35am Mar 24th, 2019

It's been a good long while since I've made one of these, so I'll keep it relatively brief: I'm done with fanfiction for the time being. Considering that the audience for this particular topic is growing smaller and smaller as time passes, I can't help but want to get out and make something of my own like I've wanted to do for so long.

Find me right around... here to follow my musings and bullshit. Here's hoping that fresh start with a new idea will make something decent, no?

Keep an eye out for Attuned, to be released whenever I finish and get the first chapter edited.

As for now, you can catch me Admin-ing the Thief's Tale and Diaries of A Madman Discords. OTherwise, prepare for a new journey along with me and let's see where the road takes us, shall we?

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Comments ( 13 )

Damn. A great world you created out of a children's show; looking forward to seeing what new shit you make. Only been on Wattapad very few times, hopefully the formatting isn't as bad as I think it is

Well at least you finished this story before you gave up so many people give up part way through you at least gave us an ending even as you whent through a dark part of your life while doing it as shown during the insane Twilight arc

5032079 If the format is terrible, then I won't be using the site too long. It seems pretty creator friendly so far though.

5032105 Well, I finished one of my likie, five main stories.

Yes but you finished the one that started the universe and could cause other people to build from it just don’t get rid of your account like some others did. Had to go to FIMFetch.com to find some of them

Well, I'll certainly miss your fimfics. But here's hoping you a great fresh start . Have a good day and it was nice. Thanks for the stories. :twilightsmile:

Good luck and enjoy yourself! Your writing is good enough to be making novels and tales of your very own! Looking forward to what you create!

Considering how well A Thief's Tale turned out Ive no doubt you will see success in any writing venture you choose to undertake! Good luck!

Aaand that's 5 less chapters in my unread que to read. Saves me a bit of time I guess. Good luck with whatever your next venture is.

Nah, I'll leave the account active so I can come and check on my stories and see how they're doing. Mostly A Thief's Tale and Diamond Domination, but still. Gotta check on my kids.

Of course, and thank you for spending your valuable time reading my psychotic ramblings :derpytongue2: I hope I'll be able to have a pen name if I ever get something published, though I doubt they'll let me be the Ringtail I want to be.

5032189 The only way I'll ever stop loving writing is if I do it solely for the purpose of making money. Hobby does not equal jobby, though it'll be nice to get a couple bucks from Patreon here and there. Thank you for reading my drivel, and I hope you find even better stories to bide your time

5032202 I'll have to work on my endings, if the fan reaction was anything to go by. Hopefully it'll be nice, just like the old days when I only had one story to write.

5032467 If it'ss RTR, then the story actually got completed, it's just that three sequels to the damn thing got cancelled.

Bah. I read Thief's Tale. All 1,744,030 words of it! That is longer then most novel series and rivaling some of the longest stories in the world. Your work was and is excellent, and has only improved over the years. Thank you for writing! I will indeed enjoy what you produce next!

Then I hope you and others can help me find the right place for my work. Let me know via PM's if you know of any non-fanfiction related sites that allows authors to post stories besides Wattpad, and I'll probably make an account. As for now, keep an eye out for the pilot chapter of Attuned on Wattpad (Under Ringtael), and the complete Synopsis of A Thief's Tale: The Path To Penance.

Welcome to the Retired Fanfic Writers Clan, buddy. I kind of stopped writing MLP in particular myself, but I still like to write other stories.

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