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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1410! · 6:33am March 21st

Report MythrilMoth · 199 views · #oocsst
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So that's why there will be no cider this season.

:ajbemused: Yeah, it was decided that we stop cider production and concentrated more on our delicious hot apple pies.

RD: "Y-You don't ship us!?"

Stage 1 waifu withdrawal

Looking into the eyes of this sad, blue pony we see the one, true BEST PONY.

:ajsmug: Sorry Sugarcube... That's the way the apples fall.

Rainbow: I...I can't believe AJ is this good at singing. Am I the only one in our group who is tone deaf?

"It's in my eyes, it's in my eyes!"

Comment posted by Mr-Astounding deleted March 21st

The parasitic applepones alter the host's neurochemical balance, driving her to depression, and thus, greater cider intake.

:ajsmug: "And that's why RariJack is the only OTP."
:rainbowhuh: "B-but, I thought AppleDash..."
:duck: "Darling, AppleDash was never a thing."
:yay: "But now we can have FlutterDash, so that's nice."
:scootangel: "I'm more of a RainbowPie pony myself."
:pinkiegasp: "Wait, I have to choose only one?!"

TFW the canon blow your ship to pieces.

Applejack seems far too happy to be telling Rainbow Dash this horrible news.

Anddddddd it’s canon.

Why don't you look at me during?

why did you leave me?

Applejack had no idea how her bragging about her date with Fluttershy was affecting Rainbow Dash.

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