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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1409! · 9:09am March 20th

So speaking of Rainbow Dash...I posted a new chapter of Equestria Girls Gone Wild last night starring everyone's favorite soccer rocker. Check it out if you haven't already.

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Comments ( 11 )

...anyone else feel like this could have potentially been a deleted scene from the season 3 finale?

Fly Dash-Air! Seat-belts cost extra.

Racha #4 · 4 weeks ago · · ·

RD: "You better pull my hair if you don't want to fall"

And that's how Angel ended up living up to his name. Fluttershy cried, and Bronies cheered.

If Rainbow Dash pulls off a Sonic Rainboom, does Angel become a rainbow-bunny?

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Rainbow Dash, ultimate power bottom.

I'm going to hell.

Rainbow’s gonna regret that rug burn later. She’s probably going to rip all the hair on her belly off.

Rainbow Dash tests the theory that rabbits do everything fast.

Stunts like this nearly got Angel kicked out of the Top Gun sequel more than once, Tom Cruise doesn’t tolerate spotlight stealers.

Rainbow figured the best way to win Fluttershy's heart was through Angel, so she gave the rabbit the time of his life. Unfortunately, while the rabbit had fun, Rainbow Dash ended up having to wash bits of carrot out of her mane later on.

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