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Up and At 'Em · 1:12am Mar 20th, 2019

New Detective Rarity is out.

TFrame by Frame: A Detective Rarity Mystery
Brushes with death aren't usually this literal.
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And hopefully, enjoyable. Sorry for the delay, folks; I hit a bit of a rough patch, but the worst of it's behind us. Thanks for sticking around.

Next up:  Hopefully an entry into Shrink Laureate's Season 9 Bingo contest. If not, then either the next chapter of Town, or a long-awaited reunion with Equestria's living lie detector and her wolfy friend, whichever gets done first. Expect one final horror blog to show up at some point, too.

Yours in sleuths and subterfuge,

P.S.: Though I've been dreading actually announcing it, and have been putting off doing so for ages, I do have a Patreon now. Please don't hate me.

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