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One-Word Review of Miraculous Ladybug S3 Episode "Oblivio" · 6:30pm March 19th



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I know. The two finally learn each others secret identities, even though they barely know themselves given their condition. And everything goes back to the way it was and Marinette and Adrien are clueless about who the other is

.....wait so.....they RTTP'd it?

I've never watched Miraculous but if they did what Wildcard said they did, I feel your pain man


God, I HATE it when they pull that shit.

The kiss we all wanted, and it doesn't even count. BULL. This should have been a valentine's day episode.

The fact that they essentially had to remove Marinette and Adrian for it to finally work between them.

Tell us how you really feel

Basically, yeah. The MotW's power erased their memories of each other's identities completely, both in and out of costume, int he middle of battle, and even erased Plagg and Tikki's memories. So thanks to their student IDs and phones, they learned (a) their own names, (b) their alter egos' names, and (c) their mutual love for each other. But because everything they learned after losing their memories was a consequence of the Akuma battle, using Miraculous Ladybug took away the memories they "shouldn't" have.

Which is frankly BS. But whatever.


What does "RTTP" mean?

Apologies if you didn't want me to answer, but "RTTP" means "Return to the Past"; it's related to another French animated series, Code Lyoko.

....okay. I looked the episode up and saw what I believe is the beginning of the original mind wipe, but yeah.....I'm being reminded of "Routine" where Ulrich and Yumi almost kissed following the former rescuing the latter only for Aelita to deactivate the tower and launching an RTTP.

*eternal screaming in all possible realities*

Oh man, I'm really trying to avoid spoilers with this one, as I want to catch it on TV, and the Disney Channel is one of the few channels broadcasting in dual audio. It certainly doesn't help when immediately after a television show airs in the US YouTube's dumb algorithm already gives me twenty different TV rips of the episode.

Honestly, I'm surprised that algorithm didn't spoil the season 2 finale for me. That alone is the reason why I'm trying to avoid spoilers, so much better when you don't know what you're expecting.

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