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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Saturday
    New M-rated work by AJ_Aficionado

    Hey, folks! You are invited and encouraged to check out the latest M-rated offering from longtime prereader and partner in crime AJ_Aficionado:

    [Adult story embed hidden]

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  • Friday
    Nightmare Night chapter 32 launches this weekend.

    I should have it draft completed for review by AJA tonight. Most likely it will launch Saturday morning, but no later than Sunday morning. Looks like it'll come in a bit under 8000 words. No teaser, sorry, only because this is one of those chapters that I really don't want to to give anything away so readers get it full force. You already know who wins this, but as they say, the fun is getting

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  • 6 days
    Nightmare Night Chapter 32

    I've currently got 5000 words written with at least a couple thousand more to add; I will aim to have it ready by the weekend for a Sunday launch or sooner. Slight change in plans to chapter content, however.

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  • 1 week
    Working on Nightmare Night Main Story again

    The first of several chapters in the runup to Halloween is underway. As I've delayed it long enough, it's time for the resolution of the duel/mating round between Night Owl and Shadowdash, as well as advancing the story further over in Canterlot.

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  • 2 weeks
    Temptations & Transformations Part 10 launches tonight

    Coming in at 6000 words; it'll be a nearly double-length chapter to close out the Ponyville Post Office story arc. Which is not to say we won't hear from this group again, both in this story and in the parent Nightmare Night adult epic! I'd like to thank AJ_Aficionado for the rapid preread, and I'm pleased to report he liked the stuff I was doing. As for who the focus is on, as there's

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Firefly Part 15 and casting call update · 4:07pm Mar 19th, 2019

I'm 5,000 words into the new chapter, and it'll probably be at least 15,000 before all is said and done for the penultimate action at Epsilon. I'll have to consider breaking it up into multiple chapters if gets much bigger than that.

Meanwhile, we're still looking for voice actors for the Rise of Firefly reading, and we need some more female ones in particular (for voicing Celestia, Firefly and Wind Whistler). There is a bit of cash ($5 - $15 per chapter) for those who are selected depending on the meatiness of the role. You still have a couple days to audition if you like!


The roles for such important characters like Sergeant Major Windshear are still available. I'm pleased to say that I'll be voicing at least two minor roles personally--I will be the voice of Sergeant Bone Deep (Fort Spur's head healer), and perhaps fittingly, the voice of the Alicorn Amulet! :trixieshiftleft:

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Comments ( 9 )

Write on and good luck finding voices

Nice. I put the world out on a forum I'm a part of.

Were time and availability more plentiful and my schedule not as inconsistent, I’d be happy to lend my amateur-tier voice. Hell, maybe once I start working my new hours after I get started in my new position at work I’ll throw my hat in if you need some actual voices to fill in one-time roles.

I dont have the equipment else I would totally do it for one of the Male voices, or particularly Tom female if needed. :rainbowlaugh:

Just a thought though, what kindve equipment is particularly needed in todays VA world? I know absolutely nothing of it, but am interested. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! :twilightsmile:


Very much appreciated, thank you! :pinkiehappy:


My voice isn't any less amateur-tier! :rainbowlaugh: But I do have the advantage of knowing how the characters sound to me in my head when I'm writing them. Actually making myself sound like them is another matter; I didn't realize how hard this was until I tried! Ended up with several coughing fits at intervals, and I had to keep sipping water between takes.


All it takes is a microphone (like a gaming headset) and some sound software (there's freeware out there; I don't remember what I used but I can remind myself when I get home) to capture and save the audition in a format the website will accept. I do plan to get something a bit nicer for the job, at least, rather than cheap one I was using. It had trouble dealing with sharp volume changes.

Well, I've never done such, but if you find you need another Male, or what not. :twilightsheepish:

Can guys do voices for female roles?


If you want to try, sure. Girls do guy voices all the time. Spike’s VA in the show is female.

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