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Overdue Writing Updates: Critter Snow Day and the Return of "Aegis" · 8:46pm Mar 18th, 2019

Good evening and welcome in Fluttercheer's Madhouse.

Or, something like that. Relationship and Internet drama (more about that will follow when the stars are aligned for it, can't go into detail right now, but you'll know what that means once you see it) hampered my concentration and writing output a bit again, so the last few months felt a bit like a madhouse for me, but things keep moving along.
And now it's finally time for an overdue writing update, as I finally have something to present again.

1. Critter Snow Day

Let's talk about "Critter Snow Day" first. The ponified version of "Groundhog Day" that I announced one and a half months ago.
Aside from the aforementioned drama, this story is also still held back because I discovered that it's going to be a lot longer than I thought it would. Unlike my estimation of 20,000 words, it already comes in at 25,000 words now and I still got some ways to go with it until the entire movie has been blessed with Equestria's pony spirit.
That creates a bit of an issue, considering that it's still supposed to be a one-shot. I will probably go with splitting off each of the more detailed loops into its own chapter and then spread out the less detailed, clipshow-style loops over maybe one or two chapters more and then release one chapter per day (hopefully as long as it's still at least somewhat Winter).
Which isn't ideal for the story, it is supposed to be read in one go since the movie doesn't have breaks in-between the individual loops either and the splitting into chapters will probably lessen the impression of the various repeats, but I will definitely come out with more than 30,000 words in the end and I can figure that no one's going to read such a massive one-shot all at once.
Ironically, considering that I am trying to get more into drawing ponies for a while now, I had to realize that due to the length (and some other, minor factors, but they aren't an issue), this ponification would work a lot better as a longer comic with several pages instead of a written story. But I am not advanced enough in drawing ponies for such a task yet and I've already written for the story a lot, so it will still stay in its current format. I might go and turn it into a comic one day, though, once I have the skills for that.
I'll give you more infos about the story once I've progressed further.

2. Aegis

And now about "Aegis". As all of you 57 readers of it know, I haven't continued it since October 31st. Reason was a longer cooldown period in November and the first half of December to recover from some previous dramatic stuff that happened in 2017 and 2018, another reason was Hearth's Warming Eve and, after that, the drama I mentioned at the start of this blog entry.
But I want to finish this story before Season 9 comes, which is not a completely secure goal right now, and so I picked it up again today. The next chapter that will feature Starlet Radiance going through a personal nightmare just like Fast Bun and Curtain Call did before her is coming along nicely and I will be able to finish it tomorrow.
The release of it will happen on Wednesday, so if you are still interested in the story and need a refresher on what happened, you still have time until then to be up-to-date again.

And that's it for updates already. There are a couple more stories I want to get out or at least start before Season 9 begins and I will inform you about them once I have something to inform you about.
Fluttercheer, out.

Comments ( 6 )

Better late than never, I see no shame in finishing it after Season 9 starts


That would be pretty bad, because I definitely want to write something for Season 9 once it's there. It's been very long since I could write something for a new season on time. So I need to get through my writing backlog before it's here.

I see, then good luck! I was just optimistic as it's a tight schedule for you


Being optimistic is hard lately, I'm just merely drifting down the river of life currently. But thanks.

You're welcome. Me, I take it serenely, I get to every planned story eventually. Hadn't I have had trouble with my proofreaders, I hadn't those delays but on the other hand, I hadn't so good ideas for them now.

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