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    The site has gotten worse

    Because I just posted Dat's Our Ragamuffin, something of a spiritual successor to Things Rainbow Dash Doesn't Like, but infinitely worse. If you watched Spring Breakdown, you might want to read it. Or, you might want to read something actually funny, like A Nugget of Wisdom, which almost no one has read.

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  • Thursday
    Fic recs, April 18th!

    In case you missed his post about it, Illya Leonov has blessed us with the rare face reveal, to say nothing of the outcome of his surgery! If you helped out, you made a difference in his life! :D

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    Fusion dances!

    Sometimes, I won't actually dream a story so much as wake up with it in my head. Of course, in the case of the new Past Conditional entry, it's more an idea. But it's an idea I've wanted to explore for a while, and I liked what I 'dreamed' up, so I wanted to write it down.

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    Everyone goes through rough times...

    This time, it's Steel Resolve's turn. :C

    He needs some help! Go give him a hand!

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    Fic recs, April 11th!

    Illya Leonov has done a reading of RazgrizS57's I Alone!

    Here we are, with the last five stories in my "authors I haven't reviewed before" list! :D I hope everyone who's gotten one of these reviews, positive or otherwise, has enjoyed it.

    H: 0 R: 1 C: 1 V: 2 N: 1

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ChudoJogurt’s “Sunset Shimmer and the Last Trial of Daring Do” [Royal Canterlot Library] · 11:40pm March 15th

Is over here. Once again, forgot to upload and just putting this in my blog list so I don't fuck it up next week. @_@

My parents are both sick atm, and I have two doctor's appointments and a fucking job interview next week, and I will have to miss all of them if I get sick this weekend, so my mind has not been where it needs to be, apparently. :B

(thanks again RB)

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Comments ( 2 )

Hang in there, man! And good luck!

Crazy spring, man. Last week I was running around with approximately that level of meltdown. Been recuperating a bit.

Good luck with the job interview!

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