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    The Imperfect Storm draft took me longer than expected, but eventually, the global pandemic made me realize I had to get it done sooner or later. And so, I'm back on FiMFiction (for a limited time, at least, more about that in a bit), and ready to update my stories!

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Part of the Journey...is the End · 3:37am Mar 15th, 2019

Everyone, I have good news and bad news, so why don't we start with the good? I'm finally out of this hiatus! It's taken me forever to come up with a new idea, and I'm still not sure if it will be a oneshot or a 2-3 part series, but it'll be coming this week in some form. I haven't decided on a final title for it yet (I'm stuck between Fashion League/Fashion Avengers/Thorny Rose), but it'll be a superhero AU set in the Power Ponies universe that'll give us a whole new side to Coco. It's also a Rarico fic, something I haven't written in forever, and it's basically a blend of what I love about both the superhero and magical girl genres. Dating the enemy, reformed villain stories, a hero who just doesn't know when to quit and will never give up faith in anyone...if nothing else, this fic has taught me that Rarity would make a very good magical girl. It's a project that came to me when I was catching up on the My Hero Academia manga, and it hasn't let go of me since.

The bad news is, well...there's a reason I named this blog after a certain quote, and it's not just because I'm hyped about the new Endgame trailer. (Well, maybe it is a little.) This as-of-yet-unnamed project will very likely be the last thing I write on FiMFiction. I know I might seem like kind of a jerk, retiring right after getting out of a hiatus, but let me take a minute to explain a few things.

1) I released a certain part of If You Have a Little Hope that I thought I simply could not write myself out of. For months, I had figured that it was because I had trouble portraying a very important event in Coco's life from Babs' eyes. Since that's something I knew I should be able to do, I pushed myself for months trying to figure it out...until I did. It had nothing to do with Coco or Babs themselves. It had nothing to do with me not being excited about If You Have a Little Hope. Rather, it had to do with getting excited about a few other characters, by the names of Omega, Valka, Io, Xue, Xing, Stelle, Koto, Kaine, and Phea. Characters that for once, I could 100% call my own.

2) I set off on an initiative to write at least 15 minutes of Premiere Nebula, my planned IRL novel story, every day. It was a New Year's resolution, so I haven't been doing it long, but I'm already starting to see the effects. I'm working better and faster than I feel like I ever have, especially since I often find myself so immersed in my Premiere Nebula world that I have to write for longer than 15 minutes. At first, being able to finish the first draft of my debut novel in two years seemed like a fever dream, but now, it's amazingly possible. My hiatus, ironically enough, boosted my ability to work on Premiere Nebula.

3) One of the reasons I took my hiatus is because, lately, I've felt disconnected from the "Quillamore" I used to write as. It's really hard to explain, but in a sort of cheesy Hannah Montana way, I write differently for FiMFiction than I would normally write. I explore different genres, use different character types. For a while, I was still able to write better and quicker as Quillamore, but now, when I write as "Alexandria" (i.e. my real life works), it goes much faster. I thought I could get over it, but just working on my new FiMFiction project has been much more grueling than my usual work. Over the months, I've figured out that there's a very distinct relationship between my IRL writing and my fanfiction, and unfortunately, it happens to be an inverse relationship.

4) [Anime reference time, please bear with me.] Around the time I started doubting my writing on here, I came across My Hero Academia and got really into it. If you're a fan and you want to go into it further with me, I'm always happy to answer questions like "what's your favorite theme song" (both the S3 songs are awesome, but "The Day" will always be classic) or "who's your top three" (Todoroki, Midoriya, Yaoyorozu), but I'm bringing it up for another reason here. That is, this series made me realize something about my writing.

In my real life writing career, I identify a lot with Midoriya. I've always been a fangirl of established authors and have dreamed of entering the field since I was very young. I'm getting places in my writing career (I signed up for a writer's conference with literary agents, for one), but I'm still in kind of this weird place of hero worship. My character development path here would likely involve seeing myself as someone who can be as great as the writers I've always looked up to.

I was a Midoriya type in my early days as a fanfiction writer, too. But in this particular story, the apprentice and the master can't have the same powers at the same time. Once the master gets to a certain point, they have to move on and encourage others to pick up where they left off. This might have been because I watched a certain character's retirement arc at the same time I was considering retiring from FiMFiction, but these days, I feel way more like an All Might on FiMFiction. Someone who's been there for a long time, who knows their time is running out, who's aware of their limits.

Because that's what being one of the old guard means, right? Fostering other members, reading their stuff and commenting on it, and ultimately, bringing new people to the places you once went. In a lot of fandoms, it means something not quite so nice, but I like to think this is what it really means.

I've been in MLP fandom since the S1 hiatus, and I have every intention of staying there. But for the sake of creating a new fandom for the future, this is where my path with FiMFiction has to end. I will still be active and log on every day, but any incomplete series I have currently will likely be cancelled. The last If You Have a Little Hope part might be deleted, because if there's one thing I hate, it's a cliffhanger.

I thank you all for your continued support, and I hope you enjoy my thirtieth and final story. If you want to reach me outside of FiMFiction, you can find me at curemoonlite.tumblr.com

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It's understandable, better go with a bang. I thought the same for Behind the Laughter when i first wrote it and subsequent stories such as How to Exorcise a Siren were more forced than anything.

If this is indeed your last story, let's enjoy the ride together while it lasts.

Todoroki is by far my favourite MHA character. I’m even writing one of my OCs based on his personality.

But yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like a Deku where all I can do is compare my writing to writers I practically worship.


What's silly is that I have an MLP OC named Icy Hot on the Witchfae dA group. She's basically Todoroki in name and motif only, as her personality is based off my old love for nature shows and the (perhaps related) fact that I really like Newt Scamander. (She tries to rehome magical creatures in the Dragon Lands, the Crystal Empire, and other places with extreme heat and cold.) She came out looking a bit like how I imagine a Snow Miku with fire design elements would look.

Also, there's going to be a lot of My Hero Academia dub actors at a con in my hometown! Since I identify so much with Midoriya and Twilight Sparkle, having their VAs at a con together is an absolute dream. Since All Might's English VA will be there too, I really hope someone has him say his "I am here!" (I got to hear Sombra's VA say his signature "cryssstttaaals" at a MLP con once, and it was awesome.)


I'm glad this feeling is common! I thought I was just weird when I started thinking of my Internet identity as someone different, or that my writing was getting forced.

See you Space Quillamore


Not seeing Uraraka in your top 3 upsets me. I like Yaoyorozu (even if her name is a constant mouthful), but Uraraka is just charming. I do really like Midoriya and Todoroki as well

I look forward to your final story. It's a shame about the currently incomplete ones, but such is life.


I still really like Uraraka! I really want to draw my main IRL novel character cosplaying as her, since she has longer brown hair and I just know she'd look cute in Uraraka's jumpsuit!

Just started going through the new fics of the past few weeks that I couldn't look at yet because of catching up with my own writing, only to find this.
With Season 9 being the last one and an uncertain future regarding Generation 5, it's really a shame that you bail on us like that.

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