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I don't like promising, but... · 4:20am Mar 14th, 2019

Something crazy has been happening of late. Somehow, for some reason, people are still finding, reading, and adding History Lesson and History Reimagined to their shelves. I've gotten 14 notifications in nearly as many days, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why there is this sudden spike of interest into my half-finished works. I've failed as a writer. I haven't put out any content in months, and it's been at least as long between my last two chapters. I know my outlook should probably be more positive, but I'm honestly just stupefied that so many of you would take the time to read and add.

I don't like promising things, because I usually fail to deliver.

But I will try to finish History Reimagined.

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As someone who's taking forever to write the rest of my Avengers-Verse fanfics, I sympathize with you. To answer your question about the sudden surge of interest in your stories, it's likely because people found the concept interesting and then ended up liking what they read.

Yeah, I just like them both as stories. There's no pressure, though. You should finish (if you decide to) on your own time.

Heh, lemme show you my bookshelf of bi-yearly-updated fics... :)
Don't worry about satisfying the readers, you do you and enjoy yourself!

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