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New Schdule Changes For Writing · 12:06pm March 12th

I know I provide and updated thing for my writing awhile ago, but due to changes in my work schedule I'm going to have to change things again. I currently am back to working with Target again while waiting for another contract or a full time position in the gaming industry to open up. If anybody knows retail work, the hours can be at any time from early morning to late at night and since I live in NYC, taking the train takes me at least an hour and half to and from work. So most of the time of the days I'll either be traveling to work or working at least five days a week.

While there are moments where I can writing immediately after working or before working, those aren't as often as I like and as such I can only write so much in the time that I have between writing, gaming, hanging out with friends, and job hunting for my industry. While fanfiction is important to me, it's not my full time job. I have a life outside of it. That being said, I'm not ending my fanfiction career on FIM even after the series ends. I still plan on making fics in the Gen 4 Universe until I'm tired of it, or I am more interested in writing for Gen 5 whenever it comes out.

However, with the now less time I have to writing due to mostly working afternoons and evenings, I feel I need to change my schedule a bit. Currently, the only two newer like fanfics are ones I still don't update as often enough: Path of the Dragon and Path of The Tyrant. Meanwhile, A Fire Growing In My Heart only has 2 to 3 chapters left. Sanguine Kindess has 5 to 6 chapters left but I update those ever few months. The Student Six Learning has a lot of chapters left, but I find those the easiest to write mainly because I'm technically getting the interpenetration from a Youtube series and its a reaction fic. Finally, there is the two shot I said I was working on with the first chapter hopefully coming this weekend.

If your wondering about "Simulacrum", that is sadly on hiatus due to my co-writer moving to a new apartment and currently he's in a hotel without access to a computer. So that's on hold until he has the time to write the next chapter.

Because of the new changes in the work schedule I feel I need to change my writing schedule as well. I was hoping not to do this until next month, but circumstances beyond my control have forced me to go ahead of time.

March will see the following:

-The Two Shot "FInally!" being done
-An update for "Path of the Tyrant"
-An update for "Sanguine Kindness" (Hopefully by the end of the month)

April Will See the Following:
-"A Growing Fire In My Heart" being done
-An update or two of "Student Six Learn About the Wasteland"

May Will See the Folowing
-Updating "Path of the Dragon' and "Path of The Tyrant" as much as possible this month
-Another update or two of "Student Six Learn About The Wasteland"

This is the current plan for the next three months, but keep in mind things might change. As for any future fics I plan, such as the Prequel to "Negotiations", I'm still on the hold on that until maybe this summer. We shall see. One shots may happen as well.

Anyway, that's all for today. If you have any questions please ask.

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Comments ( 2 )

Good luck with your job. Can’t wait to see A Growing Fire In My Heart completed. I also look forward to seeing more of the Path stories, I hope we still get Ragnarok eventually.

That will happen, but not for awhile. There is a lot in the path series I need to complete before we get there.

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