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Barley Citrus

I write about the countless coital encounters between humanoid horsies, anthropomorphous equines and at least passably bipedal pony people... Also, I really fuckin like Equestria Girls my dudes.

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  • Friday
    Updates:: Friends With Benefits:: More Incest

    So Yeah
    I kind of dropped off the map for a little while there
    Just a mix of more computer issues and getting sick
    So things are coming along a little slow but they are coming
    I am working on the New Chapter of Pull Me Closer of the Friends With Benefits continuity
    I'm also working on some other clop including a Twi x Mom fic which you'll see soon

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  • 5 weeks
    Princesses, Sirens and Updates

    So I've got a new computer and can start writing again
    And I have a lot that I want to write
    So here's what you can expect

    With the Incest is Wincest contest almost over, I'm going to focus on that
    I'm going to go ahead and try writing both entries I mentioned beforehand
    You can expect me to post the Celestia x Luna fic within the next few days

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  • 7 weeks
    Updates, Delays and New Stories

    Okay, so let's just get into it
    I broke my computer, so the new chapter is going to be delayed for a while
    Can't say until when just yet because I don't have money...
    Get hype for when I can start posting again
    Because Chapter 2 of Pull Me Closer is coming with an awesome sex scene
    And that isn't even all that's coming soon

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  • 8 weeks
    Sequel to Benefits and The Fire Is So Delightful (Friends With Benefits)

    Hey, so once again there was no New Chapter this week...
    But It's almost here!
    The next installment in the Friends With Benefits continuity will be called:: Pull Me Closer
    And I'll be releasing the first Two chapters Both! This Friday
    So get hype, there's fun content on the way

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  • 9 weeks
    Friendship with Updates:: Updates with Benefits

    Hey, so I probably should have blogged this earlier
    But, there is no new chapter this week
    It's just coming along a little slowly is all
    It should be out next week.

    In case you missed it, the most recent story in this continuity is not Benefits

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The Sequel To Benefits (Friends With Benefits) · 7:03pm March 10th

As I'm sure some of you already know
The sequel to Benefits is actually Already Out
So if you haven't already, go read it:: The Fire Is So Delightful
And if you have already read it, then give it a second read
You'll likely get more out of it now that you have the full context
And my next story Will be set after it, chronologically

Oh, and heads up, but this isn't the only story I've published out of order :P

If you have any questions
Feel free to ask them here

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