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Tales Untold // An updated (will later be deleted) · 6:42pm March 10th

Hello everybody!

Before we move on to the actual post, let me apologize for another month of silence. For those who followed my last couple of blog posts, recovery from the surgery was going well. But as luck would have me, I slipped on the shower and ripped all my stitches. That's why I had to stay in bed, to make sure that the internal stitches wouldn't come out otherwise they would have to cut me open again.

I'll delete this part after a week or so because it's not the focus of this blog, but I felt like you guys should have an explanation of why another long delay.

With My Little Pony's closing end, I'm sure a lot of people will leave the fandom pretty quickly. For those who'll persevere, don't worry, all stories I have published will be finished. However, all the other dozens of stories that I had planned or thought about may never see the light of day.

I'd like to dedicate this space for those stories that didn't make it to an online release. Maybe they'll be picked up at some point? Who knows. Even if they never do, I still think they deserve to have their existence known.

Without further ado, here are the Tales Untold;

Midnight Echo and the Search for the Holy Mango Tree {Comedy/ Adventure}
The little bat pony filly know as Midnight Echo lost her baby fangs and now she can’t eat any mangos! There's only one rational thing to do; Embarc into an epic journey to find the Holy mango Tree of legends!

Stargazer {Slice-of-life/ Romance}
A Human astronaut finds himself stuck in Equestria after a failed jump engine test drive. Finally getting used to it after 1 year he ended up meeting Luna, a pony that felt more out of place than he did.

Star Logs (Prequel to Stargazer) {Slice-of-life}
A series of entry logs telling about the time the Human first crash-landed in Equestria. How he managed to survive in the wilds. How he managed to observe the alien flora and fauna, and how he eventually found an alien civilization, or more accurately, they found him.

Stargazing (One-shot sequel to Stargazer) {Clop/ Romance}
The Human and Luna had developed a wonderful, intimate relationship. But after going out to appreciate the night sky, Luna wanted to see how intimate their relationship could go.

Shooting Star (Sequel to Stargazer) {Slice-of-life/ PoE/ Drama/ Romance}
The Human finally found a way to fix his ship and return home. The prospect of him choosing to leave her worried Luna to no ends, and when the human was about to send the ship back to earth empty so they could improve its engine for future attempts, she tackles him, sending both to earth.

Reaching for the Stars (Sequel to Shooting Star) {Drama/ Romance/ Horror (kinda)}
After much effort, Equestria and Earth finally formed an alliance. With this new found friendship, the humans got permission to build a station on Equestria's Moon to make travel between worlds easier. With Luna and her companion overseeing the project. But once there, they found out that a sinister power from the past hasn't completely vanished.

Mending Heart & Ancient Scroll's Hearth's Warming Tales (Sequel to Hearth's Warming Surprise) {Sad/ Romance}
A series of Christmas tales adaptations featuring the Unicorn/ Changeling couple.

Decadence (Side "sequel" to The Nameless Queen) {Tragedy/ Adventure/ Sad}
The Young Queen was nervous. The day of the attack was soon to arrive. She did everything she could to try and prevent it. On her sleep, she had nightmares of a world completely taken by a horrible "plague". Changelings and ponies turned into mindless husks, hunting their fellow brothers and sisters in an insatiable hunger. Her own hunger making itself know.

Undead Neighbor {Tragedy/ Slice-of-life}
Necromancy. A dangerous and forbidden school of magic that was hunted down to extinction hundreds of years ago by Celestia's Templars. Or so did they thought. On a distant village, isolated from the rest of Equestria, an adventurous orphan filly explores the ruins of an old hospital. There, she found a shy and friendly undead necromancer mare that hid from society since the day of the last inquisition with only her ghost friend as a company.

Undead Daughter (Sequel to Undead Neighbor) {Sad/ Slice-of-life}
Tragedy struck at the cliff near the hospital. The orphan filly had died trying to protect her necromancer friend. In a desperate attempt of bringing her back to life, the necromancer brought her unlife instead. Now a zombie earth pony, the filly will have to adjust to her new un-life in a world who just rediscovered their ancient necromantic secrets.

Undying Love (Side story to Undead Neighbor) {Sad}
Being a ghost was not all that bad. Unlike her zombie friend, she could come and go as she pleased without being seen. Every day she would leave the hospital and go to the same place; A small house near the edge of town, the house her family lived since the times of old. Every day of every year, she would go there, watch her family grow, keeping the promise she made a long time ago.

From the Darkness of My Heart {Romance/ Drama}
Chrysalis was captured during her attack on Canterlot, being kept locked away in the dungeon. With hopes that she might be redeemable, Celestia Charged Luna on keeping an eye on her and trying to teach her how to live peacefully with ponies, much to Luna's demise. What they didn't know, is that they would find more in common with each other than they would like to acknowledge.

Exiles {Gore/ Adventure/ Thriller}
A comment driven story. You control a group of exile changelings who were chased out of their hives. You must guide them to their prey while avoiding being caught.

The Lone Changeling {Drama/ Romance}
A comment driven story. You are a lonely changeling lost in the woods. Injured and with no recollection of what happened, you were found by someone that will change your life forever.

Always with you {Romance/ Comedy/ Drama}
A unicorn stallion just moved to a new house. It was rather old and isolated, but it was the peace and quiet he so desperately needed. However, much to his demise, the house was haunted by an over-friendly ghost that instantly had a crush on him! They say "until death do us part", but what happens when it already did?

Mayhem {Drama/ Tragedy/ Slice-of-life/ EqG}
On the edge of defeat, Discord cast a spell that would mirror his magic powers and hide it away so it could free him later. Unexpectedly his powers materialized into an alternate version of himself in a world that was not his own. Lost in this new world with strange, bipedal creatures and no memory of her own, Eris became the target of an old threat that seemed to have vanished a long time ago.

Entropy (Sequel to Mayhem) {Drama/ tragedy}
Being brought back to Equestria, Eris powers were fully restored. However, she couldn’t stop hearing voices in her head calling to her. She was drawn to Discord, who tricked her into freeing him and stole her powers to couple with his, bringing a new age of chaos to Equestria.

Worlds Eclipsed {Adventure}
After a spell misfired, Twilight found herself attuned to a different world where Celestia turned into Daybreaker and was banished to the moon by Luna. Now, after a thousand years, Daybreaker collected enough power to escape and she threatens to bring ruin to both worlds.

Fallout: Equestria - Tartarus (Sequel to Fallout: Equestria - Stars) {Adventure/ Gore}
Tirek escaped Tartarus once again and unleashed all its hell upon the Equestria and Zebrica wastelands. Now It’s up to Zhau and crew to save their world with the help of an unexpected ally.

Fallout: Equestria - Corruption of a Soul (Prequel to Fallout: Equestria - Stars) {Sad/ Tragedy/ drama/ Gore}
A zebra necromancer is mysteriously resurrected as a creature of pure necromancy and radiation with no memories of her past self. She travels around the post-apocalyptic Zebrica trying to find a way to discover who she was and what she is.

Fallout: Equestria - Cold Light {Drama/ Adventure/ Tragedy}
A CYOA between Good and bad Karma. The hippocampus served as the naval power of Equestria during the war, but when the bombs fell, they had to seek refuge deep into the ocean abyss. Their precious enchanted pearl lost on the surface. Now, the twin sister and brother Ebb and Flow will have to retrieve the pearl to save their sunken city from a geological catastrophe.

Fallout: Equestria - Chemicals {Comedy (kinda)/ Gore/ Adventure}
A mutated pony abomination ends up stuck with a stable dweller fresh out of the stable in the ruined biochemical research central of Equestria. Now it will have to teach the dweller how to survive in a world constantly trying to kill you while the dweller tries to restore its humanity.

Fallout: Equestria - Web of Lies {Drama/ Adventure/ Romance(kinda)}
A young changeling queen wakes up in a test chamber of an old, ruined stable with no past memories. She’ll have to find a way to survive in a land without love while unraveling an intricate web of lies and deception.

Fallout: Equestria - Encrypted {Adventure}
A comment driven story. An A.I. wakes up in a synthetic pony body when a mysterious encrypted signal called upon it. It will have to cross the Equestrian Wasteland trying to find the origin of that signal, facing multiple challenges along the way.

Fallout: Equestria - Decryped (Sequel to Fallout: Equestria - Encrypted) {Adventure}
A comment driven story. The crazy A.I.s had gained control of the region and now hunts the remaining ponies that fight it. A pony escapes its cryo-pod and tries to regain contact with the rebel base. But did it really escape, or was it all a trap?

Fallout: Equestria - Roll 20 {Sad/ Tragedy/ Adventure}
Two foals find an RPG book and dice, escaping from the harsh reality of the wasteland with the help of their parents while they travel with their merchant caravan.

Fallout: Equestria - Mother Nature {Slice-of-life}
A collection of logs from a deer that tried to study the fauna and flora of the wasteland after the sunshine and rainbow day.

Fallout: Equestria - Bleeding Hearts {Tragedy/ Drama/ Gore}
A retelling of Count of Montecristo in Fo:E. A hardworking merchant found a relic that could finally afford him a place at Tenpony Tower with her loved one. But he soon finds himself at the hands of a slaver as an intricate scheme tried to silence him.

Fallout: Equestria - Chaotic Good (Sequel to Fallout: Equestria - Safe Haven) {Comedy/ Random/ Drama/ Adventure}
A lonely, young draconequus tries to make friends In the Equestrian wasteland, but how could they see her as nothing more than a monster?

Fallout: Equestria - Scarred For Life {Gore/ Slice-of-life}
A collection of stories as a medic pony treats its patients while asking how they got their wounds.

Fallout: Equestria - Twisted Within {Drama/ Gore}
A retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Fo:E. A pony scientist tries to find a drug that would help "cure" the raider population of the wasteland. But what he managed to do was to create a new monster.

Fallout: Equestria - Addicted To You {Romance/ Drama/ Clop}
A unicorn medic was attacked while traveling to a nearby town but was saved by a mysterious alicorn. They agreed to travel together and as time went on they grew attached to each other.

Those are some of the stories that survived their time on the backburner. It's saddening to think that at least most of them will never see the light of day, but at least they now have a place to have the spotlight for a bit.

My next publication will be probably the last new tory I'll be releasing here on fimfic. After that is live, I'll work on TNq and finally Ecstasy (and then Quest).

See you all next time! :yay:


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Comments ( 2 )

I saw Mango, I accept that one.

It's really unfortunate that's these stories might not see the light of day, but it happens.

Bad luck to reopen your stitches man, that just sucks, how you recover well.

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