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Facing an end with a question. · 11:17am Mar 10th, 2019

So, as we all know, season 9 of the show that this entire site is devoted to stories about or from is guaranteed to be the final season. Not only that, but there are some big changes that they intend to make to cement "the end". And that has put a lot onto my mind.

First and foremost, I want to assure you that season 3 of the "One Bolt" series will play out as planned. It's not affected by all these happenings, so you can look forward to what's to come there.

It's everything after that that ended up changing.

Spoiler alert: I've been planning past season 3 since before season 3.

Now that you know about that, let me tell you what my original plans were, and how things may have changed thanks to what I've seen in those trailers that sent me into extreme panic attacks.

The original plan: Season 4 was meant to be the last of the "One Bolt" seasons, with Boltsinger facing his greatest challenges yet, and life taking on an entirely new norm past a timeskip that completely skipped season 9 while taking the events into account. I'd imagine things wouldn't have changed too much for Equestria, and had some awesome things planned out!

And then I saw what's happening in the show.

New plan! Season 4 is now gonna be season 5! That's right, it's expanded by a whole season! I faced a huge mental breakdown when I thought of the giant wrench that was thrown into what is probably going to at least be the next two years of my life as a writer (if not more!). Many people said to "just ignore it", but I feel like that's... I dunno... Too easy. It would betray much of the concept that I had with how Bolt's story fits in. The idea behind it is that, while it's not canon by a longshot, it could believably fit into the canon without much trouble. It acknowledges what the show has done, how the actors have performed, and the feelings that come from this show that we love, and runs with it in new directions. Having things happen just a little more slowly, and seeing how time has affected our heroines and the guy that literally crashed into their lives. So, I'm going to devote a season to dealing with the events of season 9, complete with something new to work into my own narrative... Once I find out what that is. It could end up pretty interesting. Let's hope it does!

But all of that doesn't change the fact that the show that we all love so dearly is ending. I'm sure that this site will see a drop in activity, and emotions around here are going to be at an all-time low. Or high. It depends on how the end goes. But the idea is that I know things on FIMFiction are going to change. And I have one question.

Will you stick with me? I have so much that I still want to do with these writings. So much that I want to address. So much that I want to share with everyone! This story, for the most part, is what I do with my life. I don't have a job, nor can I get one. I can't go places very easily because I can't drive, and I only see my friends when they go out of their way for me! (Something they're willing to do, but it makes me feel sad that they have to.) I have video games, talking with my mom, various shows, Grayscales, and this. This work that has helped me through a terrible time in my life. This work that has kept my heart and mind as stable as it is. This work that continues to inspire me to this day. This little orange pony that, quite honestly, I like a lot better than I like myself. And he was originally based on the things about me that I can't stand.

I want to continue.

I have to continue.

What about you? Will you continue?

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Comments ( 7 )

I can only speak for myself, but I am sure others will agree, and I won't abandon ship. Though I prefer to watch from the shadows I'm still in this for the long haul!

Of course I'll continue reading... once I finish watching season 8

I'm definitely sticking on this site! Besides, I still got all these crazy ideas I got stuck in my head, and I'm definitely not keeping it to myself! :twilightsmile:

Many people said to "just ignore it"

Gasp! Who could've said such a thing!?

I'm glad that you found your own answer that fits much better than our easy suggestion, and I'm thrilled to hear you sounding so fired up over it :yay: I know you're going to turn this into something absolutely phenomenal!

i will definitely stick to this site

I'm still sticking to this site by all means.

And plus..... one can see me go through more transformations of course X3

I'm sticking till the bitter end of the website

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