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What you should do before season 9 · 9:52pm Mar 8th, 2019

Make sure you've watched all the material that's out there. It's not just the show, you know? I just found out that I haven't watched these yet:

I'm not that big on Equestria Girls, but that show also has its merits.

There are like dozens of clips for EG.

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Wow. Fluttershy sure has such big, beautiful... um, elbow. :twilightblush:

5025163 I know, right? I just wanna shake that elbow of hers up and down, up and down.

Is that image directly from an Equestria Girls short/episode or did someone alter this to make her more well endowed?....I don't watch much EqG. Outside of the movies, all I've seen is Forgotten Friendship (since Sunset reunites with Celestia) and Mirror Magic (because of Starlight Glimmer.)


I’m CoffeeMinion, and I approve this elbow.


Naw, this is a good reminder about all the shorts. I’m still behind on S8, much less those.

5025193 Her elbows in the actual shorts are not as beautiful as in the OP picture.


That is too bad, I would like to see Shy showing off big elbows like that in something other than just her swimming suit here.

*changes location to alabama*

i like the ail-icorn one were she becomes a foul and leaves her with spike. witch i can say he can take care of her no matter what

5025163 5025199 5025204 5025210
p.s. Am I the only one who.. saw that from Camp Everfree to Now, they gived ever one different sized elbow

Wait, which one ?

please link it

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