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    Haven't really blogged much. Not that I haven't been writing since I've been chugging slowly away on a few stories, just there's not much to update on. I'm planning on writing a comedy story so I can break up the drama and mature rated stories. So teen rated comedy starring Tempest Shadow getting friends is now on the writing board, Hopefully I get the first chapter out next month though.

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    New ship and everything. Been kind of flexible on who I ship Applejack with since its been a while. Sure Rarijack is fun and I do like it but its been a while and I haven't seen a good rarijack fic in a while. Decided to have some fun and ship her with a character who I never see used- Troubleshoes.

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    If you want to read it, you can. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

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Chapter 18, Part One out · 7:17am Mar 7th, 2019

Yeah, after looking at my plan for the chapter and the sheer amount of stuff I want in it we have multipart chapters now. Time is precious due to me starting my job anyday now and going on vacation in a few weeks. March needed a chapter.

So here's nearly 8500 words just focusing on vaguely introducing the gryphons and Celestia's plan for action and my eight favorite characters (and two new Guard Captains of Canterlot) that I like writing. Honestly I planned for the side characters to become important once I started doing their backstories but hey, now's a good time as ever to do stuff with them, cause with how I've planned out the next few hundred, two hundred so thousand words in my head, stuff gets quick.

Literally would have put something else on that but I felt that a focus on Twilight and her pals needs a chapter or two to get back into the Ponyville groove. And every scene with the main 6 in my head tend to be rather long. So here's a shorter chapter to tide you over to show that yes, I still have ideas for this story and have way more stuff planned.

Don't know when Parts Two and Three will come out but now I don't have to go back and forth between Griffonstone, Canterlot, and Ponyville. And maybe Klugetown. If so, that section will be a short thing that's on the end of a chapter.

For now I can just focus primarily on the main story thread that connects the war themes, family, and all that.

The main characters. Cause I have ideas for them and now I can focus entirely on them, minus a Klugetown visit or two.

It mainly just feels good to be writing this story and have a chapter out again after four months focusing on something else.

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Comments ( 5 )

Going back a few chapters and I think I found the big one.
On boyo that was huge and crazy


Which is why I plan on splitting up big chapters from now on. Cause I literally had issues reading it as well because taking notes on nearly 17k words took like four hours.

This one is a long chapter as well when I plotted it out so I took out the important- but shorter plots and put them here in Part One since the last chapter ended in the morning of a new day. Part Two and Three will focus on more of the mane 6. Cause I just needed a refresher of some of the characters tonally.

Typing up my review now, something I would rather not put on the main story:

I really like the griffon scenes you have so far. A female ruler is quite a diffrence to my lord asshole but I note that shes still seems to be near his level.
You're gonna like my griffons when they are visited by Chrysalis too. I had it written out for the original story back in 2012/2013. Hopefully after its facelift it will be as impactful and brutal as your meeting the griffon / Changling alliance


I was worried since I didn't want to outright rip off your fun idea so I thought gender flipping the evil gryphon worked best cause I first thought male gryphon would work- then that kept having similar tones to yours. I wanted to slightly do something different enough to make me feel less like a 'stealing whole hog' idea. So patriarchal gryphon society being run by a female sounded okay. Similar, yet different. She wants loyalty, and besides the few gryphons she cares about- she doesn't care what she has to do or hurt to get her way. And she's been planning for a while what with her daughter running the entire hatchery.

And I have been trying to figure out what the war tactics will be. Gryphons will probably be a mix between the German blitzkrieg and aerial aces from like World War One.

No idea why I've been planning out military tactics for a story I first barely had even thought would get to all out war in the first few chapters, but it's always good to plan steps ahead.

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