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I’m Inquisitive About Something... · 5:13pm Mar 6th, 2019

Normally, I’m often very secretive with what stories I plan on doing and the things involving them. But, this is something I need help with from you guys.

Which of these mares here do you guys think would be a perfect mare to pair Rockhoof with?

It’s for an idea that’s been racking in my head lately, which is to do a romance between Rockhoof and one of these mares. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to decide which one to pair him with, so that’s why I decided to ask all of you.

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I'd go with Applejack. 😋

That is going to be rather tricky to do, but I think the real question is this: What kind of romance story are we talking about? Is this referencing to some subplot that is to happen with 'The Disney Chronicles' even from a fan's perspective? OR... Is this something entirely original, set in it's own canon, and therefore attempts to be an original piece? Because if it were the latter than it would certainly lead to less conflicts with previous works, despite the arguments several people might have on who Rockhoof should be paired with. But I think before we even determine just who our subject in question should be paired with, we must first understand Rockhoof.

Before Rockhoof became the great hero of legend, he was a young farmer with dreams of joining the most elite group of ponies ('The Mighty Helm') but was ridiculed due to his weak, scrawny stature. Then came the fateful day when a volcano erupted, threatening to engulf his village, and through a sheer force of will Rockhoof dug a trench to save the village a feat which granted him power to transform into a powerful stallion with the strength to complete the task and prevent an ill-fated disaster thus finally earning the respect and acceptance. Stories would go on about his legacy as a hero including as one of the 'Pillars of Equestria', who traveled all around Equestria confronting many disasters and saving the ponies from harm. But when one of their own was corrupted by darkness (Due to a misunderstanding), he and his crew sacrificed their mortality in an attempt to seal away the evil threatening to do Ponyville harm. From then on, we know the rest: The Mane Six gathered Rockhoof's shovel and several other artifacts for a ceremony to free him and his friends from limbo, inadvertently releasing the Pony of Shadows, and then came a quest to not only complete the task of driving the evil spirit back (Without losing the elements) but also saving Stygian after realizing he was a victim of circumstance.

Now we fast forward to the present day: Much like his friends, Rockhoof tried to find his place in a more modern world where everyone he knew from before is gone, nothing about the life he had was the same, and even the stars had altered their position making a former talent of his useless. While everyone else managed to find their place just fine, Rockhoof was so miserable he was willing to be turned to stone just like the ponies did to Discord. But quite by chance and through the urging of a faithful student, Rockhoof would find his place not as the mighty warrior but a storyteller to share his tales to a new generation to inspire them of his noble ideals and to preserve his legacy. From here on out, Rockhoof found his purpose despite everything he's lost as a new chapter in his life has begun. He's gained many friends in the form of the students who look up to him (As well as the Mane Six, having fought beside them) but the very idea he could fall in love with a pony of this time is one that will leave fans scratching their heads.

See the comment above as I go over the likely candidates of this little 'Dating Game' going on.

I agree with TheKMExperience; Applejack is probably the best option.

1. Applejack: While one could argue that we would not have heard about Rockhoof is not for Sunburst's study on the 'Rockhoof's Rapport' spell back in 'The Crystalling Part 2', the character overall would not have been properly introduced without Applejack's campfire story way before they tried to free him and the others from limbo. In a way, Rockhoof is considered a hero of the Apple Family, especially Applejack and her sister, for he was a simple farmer in a way just like her until his determination to save his people bestowed him great power. And considering Applejack was determined to help free Ponyville from a lifetime of darkness, the journey to find the elements needed to stop Nightmare Moon granted her and her friends the power to save the world and they continued to do so ever since. Plus, it would stand to reason that Applejack and Rockhoof value hard-work and both have come off to be quite stubborn (Such as when Rockhoof insisted on being turned to stone despite Twilight's objections). It would be something for a pony who'd tell these stories about her hero to harbor any feelings beyond friendship for a pony who's more than a legend, though that would depend on the age difference between the two (Not just because Rockhoof is a pony of another era). Having said that, however, since Lion-O from the 'Thundercats' was technically a young boy going through a growth spurt when a trip through space went awry and Rockhoof was technically a younger pony before he became the big guy we know, that's going to take some careful consideration.

2. Nurse Redheart: While not much seems to be known about our resident Nurse (Even given the amount of fanwork on the character), it is certain that Redheart takes pride in her talents to aid her fellow ponies of any illness they have. From the time she had to care for sick ponies after Applejack botched a muffin recipe WAY BACK in Season 1, caring for Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake during the fateful day they were born, and caring for some sick foals at the hospital, Redheart takes pride in the well-being to the sick and infirmed. A more likely scenario would be if Rockhoof were to endure a set of injuries as a result of a recent adventure that required his assistance and Nurse Redheart would likely be called in to care for him until he recovers. Then comes this all familiar plot device about a nurse falling in love with her patient, particularly if these ponies took the time to talk during Rockhoof's recovery and getting to know each other's stories (Particularly if no pony ever asked Redheart about her life, as everyone else seemed to let her do her job). It would grow as mutual respect between a medical practitioner and their patient, eventually growing to be friends, and then having this thought on how wrong would it be if even their feelings for one another were to get in the path of what was strictly a routine procedure. That even if Rockhoof were able to leave the hospital wing and continue with his own business, suppose on the matter she'd want to see him again.

3. Coco Pommel: Whether you call her as 'Coco Pommel' or 'Miss Pommel' or whatever you want, it seems like Coco and Rockhoof are mere opposites yet as the old saying goes, 'Opposites attract'. When we first meet her, she was formerly the assistant to ambitious designer Suri Polomare, who refused to let any pony get in the way of her fashion career (Especially Rarity), but once Coco saw Rarity's generosity with her friends and realized Suri's 'every mare for themselves' impression was wrong, this soft-spoken 'fluttershy' clone (As some folks say) finally decided to quit working for Suri and admit that they lied about some trophy Rarity was supposed to win (Which she did). Ever since then, Coco Pommel decided to carve her own path as a bridleway dressmaker, whether setting up the Midsummer Theatrical Revival or making costumes for shows. Rockhoof may be bolder and daring than the likes of Coco, but the thing with shy girls is that they admire a strong man with such a charisma and raw strength (Both metaphorically and literally). So it's only natural that Coco would harbor a slight bit of interest in this pony from another time because ponies like her come across as curious and so in a way it would help for the two ponies to get to know each other and determine what they have in common. Otherwise, I'd think she'd be the underdog when it comes to winning the hearts of the former Mighty Helm warrior.

Unless you're the kind of guy who 'hates' the 'pick-and-choose' concept... What's wrong with a story in a way that's like those popular manga stories with the guy that a ton of female characters fall for before he settles with 'the one'? It might for some interesting story-telling if you can add on to what 'all' the other previous works didn't take into consideration.

I will also add this, BEFORE you make a decision on who to pair Rockhoof with, you must take this into account. A writer can't simply choose the mare that's best for such a heroic figure... Without first understanding Rockhoof. As a writer, you need to know this character if he's the central focus, to get inside his mind and deliberate what he would want. To know what's best for Rockhoof, you must think like the character, find yourself in his... Hooves so to speak, and ask yourself this question: Where do you see him? Imagine that you're a former Pillar still adjusting to the modern world, you've got a great thing as both a professor and storyteller for the new generation, and then suddenly it occurs to you... For all the adventures you've had years ago, for all the adoring ponies who praised your stories and legacy, and for all that time spent saving the world from danger... Did the thought ever occur to you on wanting to settle down? Has all this time spent fighting for the world kept you from wondering what 'you' want out of life and to whom you'd want to share it with?? If it's possible perhaps, to find that one mare who understands where you're coming from???

But if you won't be satisfied without a say on who you'd think 'I' would pair Rockhoof with, then an answer you shall get. Out of all the three mares you listed, with all the potential that each likely candidate would have, for the sake of storytelling purposes I've got to go with...


It’s for something original. I know that Rockhoof and Flash Magnus are set to guest star in Hercules, that’s for sure.

Unless you're the kind of guy who 'hates' the 'pick-and-choose' concept... What's wrong with a story in a way that's like those popular manga stories with the guy that a ton of female characters fall for before he settles with 'the one'? It might for some interesting story-telling if you can add on to what 'all' the other previous works didn't take into consideration.

I remember reading one of those stories, I believe. Although, I found myself to not be a fan of it.

I understand Rockhoof really well.

As a matter of fact, ever since his appearance in “A Rockhoof and a Hard Place”, he became someone I knew more than anypony else.

That definitely solves the mystery on the matter at hand. And I understand why you'd not be crazy about such stories, like 'Monster Musume' or 'Ai Yori Aoshi' just to name some examples. It's not everybody's cup of tea, mainly because of the stereotypes that go with being that one guy in a household of women... Or the other way around.

Then since you know this character so well and having spent much time on such a prominent subject, perhaps deep down you know the kind of pony he would want. Even if the show itself has yet to dive on that possibility... If ever at all. And if the show would and that's not taken into account, then you'd have that freedom to grant him such a promising bond... Wouldn't you?

I would.

Oh, and thank you for making your decision.

When you've made your final decision, even if it takes a week from now to weigh in all your options (At least to give more than me and two others a chance to voice their opinions), you will announce your story at some point I hope. Maybe even a shoutout on Equestria Daily? I'm sure it would attract a ton of readers overtime.

I honestly can't picture shipping Applejack with anyone. :applejackunsure: I think either Coco or Nurse Redheart would be adorable to pair with Rockhoof. (thinking music) I'm going to have to go with Nurse Redheart.

Probably Applejack, but Coco Pommel would work too. :twilightsmile:

Which one would you pick the most?

I'm not exactly up to speed on episodes, so I have no idea who Rockhoof is :twilightblush:

I'd probably say Applejack.

Applejack just seems to obvious. I think Coco could be interesting.

Which would you be leaning towards the most?

5024395 Coco. That is what I meant. Was that Applejack is too obvious so I would like to see what would happen if Coco and Rockhoof tried dating.

Applejack, I guess.

nurse red heart because of their personality similarities.

I think Applejack would make a good pair for him.

Definite AJ.

Also have Yona as his best friend because that was just too cute in the show.

Thus far, the votes stand so this way you don't have to jump back and forth:

Applejack: 9 votes

Nurse Redheart: 2 votes

Coco Pommel: 2 votes

This comment will be updated with each new votes while the poll is still running.


This link should get you up to speed with the character as far as his story goes and such. It'll reference some episodes you should definitely check out for a better understanding of the character. Hopefully you know the three subjects in this topic and should help to determine who'd be deemed worthy once you get to know the big guy.

AJ or Coco, either the skills and brains, or the meek and sweet! :heart!:

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