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So Long Live the Reckless and the Brave · 2:29am March 5th




(Based on MrNumbers' Mare Who Once Lived On the Moon and Pearple Prose's Sugar and Spice, respectively).

As I get going and start drawing stuff worth anybody's time, I might even upload some of this to derpibooru and the like. Still, it feels nice to finally be able to draw comics! And I can try to make my own cover art now. Woo.

Anyway, lil' announcement -- so Mad, With Power finally updated, after a hiatus that lasted more than a year. It's going to udpate more, too, since Pear and I have been working on other entries. And, most importantly, some of them will be written by people who have actual talent! Unlike us!

TMad, With Power
Sisters being peaceable with horrors unspeakable. (A collection of creepy and surreal little comedies about the Princesses.)
Aragon · 17k words  ·  571  20 · 5.4k views

Yeah this blog is both to remind you all people that the story exists, and to mention that Pear and I are sorta opening it a little bit. This means we'll look for authors that want to submit a story to the anthology -- although we're really anal about this and we all know how Smoking Tigers had to pause because I got too overwhelmed with real life stuff?

So like, in this case, Pear and I will approach authors and ask them if they want to contribute, rather than accepting submissions like that. Still, hey, if you like the story and want to write for it, by all means feel free to tell me so I can see if you get a spot in the schedule or some shit. I dunno, you get me.


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You don't need to masturbate in your tags list if I'm going to have sex with you for the fanart.

Congrats, dude!

Is the second one a picture for ants?

The man is surprisingly multitalented, it seems!



The moon looks quite nice this evening.

Aragon's drawing?

The HORROR, Aragon's drawing!?

It's actually not that bad. Last time I tried to pick up a tablet I hated every bit of what came out of it.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I'll let your strum on MY DICK

We are none of us safe now.

That’s pretty good!

Gem #11 · March 5th · · ·

Oh no he's good at drawing too.

How much more can one man be desired.

Yes, you can draw! Hot dang.

So with the princesstories, would you be, like, giving out quote prompts? How would that work?

I think if/when we approach people about writing for the anthology, we're going to be letting them come up with their own pitch first, that we'll then workshop with them so that it fits the tone and (extremely loose) continuity that we've set up.

Then they write it and we edit the shit out of it. Stuff like the title and the bookending quotes are figured out after the fact.

Cool! Well, if nothing else, I've been enjoying (in a dark, demented way) everything I've read there.

I'm really glad! Thanks so much for reading.

Ha, the Doughnut Joe comic got me good -- now I want to read why it exists

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