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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"

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    New/updated coverart

    Hello everyone/everypony. I just thought I inform you Bronie312 updated the coverart he made, meaning this would suit better.

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    Hi guys. Hope you are all doing well in those difficult times.

    Just want to inform you Pinto of the Ardennes now has a cover, made by Bronie312. Much applied!

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    Hi guys! I am happy to announce that I made a collab with another author.

    It's a mature story about Alice and Thunderlane.

    Why? Because it was a thought I played with a long time ago and I find there are too few stallion on woman stories out there.

    So, anyone interested (And old enough) have a go!

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Planned stories · 2:13pm Mar 3rd, 2019

I thought it could interest you what stories I have planned. The idea of Blood in the sand and A Black Sun rises goes back as far as 2016/17, but problems I had with my proofreaders delayed everything. But on the other hand, I probably hadn't got all those ideas for the planned stories. Those are, in chronical order:

  • A story set during Operation Barbarossa.
  • A metal gear 5 crossover
  • A non-canon DR who story
  • A non-canon crossover of we happy few.
  • Just cause 4 crossover
  • A story set mostly in Equestria
  • And maybe a Wild West story
Report Bronycommander · 420 views · #Plans
Comments ( 20 )

Operation Barbarossa you say? And I've thought about Just Cause 4 story too, seems interesting

Yes, t was a suggestion by my friend, and would be the sequel to a BLack sun rises. Just cause, indeed, I'am very eager about the demonic and Agency DLC.

Operation Barbarossa?! Is it like Pirates Of The Caribbean?:rainbowderp:

Not exactly. IT's focused on a Soviet colonel, feared by the Germans. In my Stalingrad story and Blood in the sand, he's briefly mentioned.

You're welcome. The metal gear story is focused on his son, as Metal gear 5 is first set during the Soviet war in Afghanistan

I assure you, I get t it eventually, Season 9 won't stop me

Yeah, I had gotten much further, hadn't I have had problems with my proofreader, but on the other hand, I hadn'T so much ideas for them right now

That's good that you have gotten much further in your story!

Indeed. I try to get my current story, A BLack sunrises completed as soon as possible, so I can start with the others

IT's my longest story of the planned ones set in Italy 1943. I find Italy is so few shown in games and movies

Pretty cool and very interesting to know about! I also have Italian DNA in me as well. Italy!:pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear it it makes you happy.

You're Welcome, Hope you Enjoy the Story.

I hope I'll enjoy the story as well!:raritywink:

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