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2019 | Stories Are A-Coming · 9:33am Mar 1st, 2019

Been a while since I tossed out one of these blog posts. And I guess there's a possibility one or two of you might be interested in hearing some updates, so here we are.

On and off the Pitch, people. How many times have I said it's nearly there? Well, this time it really is 'nearly there'. I'm about to give the penultimate chapter the green light, and then it's just a case of getting the last one sorted before ironing out the entire story. So close (and hopefully not so far).

Also, Frontman. Two chapters are out there, and I think once OaotP is done I'll be going back to it. EqD liked it but said its lack of resemblance to canon was just too strong to approve for posting. If I relate it more to pony world and less to our own, they'd be happy to have another look. I'm glad they enjoyed the story, anyway. I might end up doing some major tweaking.

Other than that? Well, I absolutely love the show Agatha Christie's Poirot, have done for more than half my life and am writing a Ranking List for it as well as I watch and rewatch the whole thing. Might not be ready with that for a while though, so don't expect it any time soon.

2019's been alright so far. Studying and all that jazz (quite literally jazz). I'll be glad to get back to work come summer, to be honest. I'm also starting a little music project, producing pony-themed study music because, if you slap the word 'pony' in front of anything, it'll guarantee you at least a couple of views as opposed to none. That's a long way from ready as well.

Anyway, I'm enjoying writing, however slow and lazy I am. Hopefully, whoever reads this is enjoying themselves too.

Acologic out.

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