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Just a writer who loves cartoons. Thorax and Pharynx enthusiast. Expect fluffy, comedic, and dramatic stories. Also, I love Embrax.

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My official ship list · 6:14pm Feb 27th, 2019

The official ships in the Pumpkinverse (my fanon).

-Thorax x Ember. This one’s kinda obvious. They start dating in There’s a Time and Place, Pharynx. They’re relationship is tough due to their status of being rulers of their own kingdoms, and their eventual marriage/mating results in somewhat of a unity between the changelings and the dragons, but both kingdoms refused to completely become one, so Ember and Thorax often stay in their own lands, visiting each other as often as possible. They have two kids, the first successful/healthy hybrids in recorded Equestrian history.

Quibble x Rainbow. Their story’s up in the air because Patton Oswalt’s wife confirmed that they’re in season 9, and I hear that Oswalt’s wife is voicing Quibble’s wife, and I don’t know what to think of that yet. I need to see the episode first. In my verse, they have 4 kids.

Flim x Applejack. They start out hating each other, but after some tension between them is resolved, they start to warm up to each other. Flim developed a crush on her and was even blunt about it, but Applejack wasn’t sure. She did start to like him, but she was in denial for a long time. It wasn’t until her friends dared her to ask him on a date that she gave in (she’ll never refuse a dare). They have 4 kids after marriage.

Cheese x Pinkie. Duh. They have mutual respect and love for each other, and it eventually becomes romance. They have 5 kids, and have adopted 1 more. 2 out of 3 triplets of theirs died as a miscarriage.

Star Tracker x Twilight. Twilight attempted dating Flash for a few weeks, but she realized that her attraction to him was just a crush (aesthetic attraction). It upset her, but she moved on. Star Tracker became Starlight’s assistant soon after that, and he became closer to Twilight. Twilight’s ... kinda demiromantic in my verse (I don’t normally use sexualities and such in my headcanons, but demiromantic was the best word I could find to explain it)? She wasn’t really attracted to Star Tracker at first, but he was attracted to her (as an admiration at first, but it became romantic later on). When he finally asked her out, she was surprised, but said yes out of curiosity. She grew to find she liked him back, and eventually the two got married. Twilight was the one who proposed because Spike and Starlight had recently moved out and she was alone at the castle. Twilight and Star Tracker aren’t too romantic with each other, but they enjoy each other’s company and know how to work together. They act like a platonic couple, but they have feelings for each other. They have 3 kids.

Spike x Rarity. They got married as soon as Spike became an adult. They even had two kids, but after a few years, they decided that what they did was impulsive and irresponsible. Spike got worried for Rarity’s reputation as a celebrity since he was a dragon. So, they got a divorce. They’re still good friends, and they check on each other regularly, but there’s still a little awkwardness in the relationship now. Their kids see both parents equally because they still live in the same town.

Spike x Gabby. Gabby started visiting Ponyville more often after her first encounter with the CMC. She eventually met Spike and started liking him. She was heartbroken when he married Rarity. When they divorced, she thought it was her fault for some reason. Spike eventually started hanging out with her when she became friends with his young children. Eventually he asked her on a date, and she accepted. The two got married later on and had one kid.

Pharynx x Fluttershy. (Gosh, I love this ship) The two officially met when Thorax and Ember had a meeting, trying to make their relationship ... well, legal. The story is in Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Pharynx. Still in progress. They have two kids.

Sunburst x Starlight. They were romantic “friends” for a long time. They were oblivious to what others thought their relationship was, but when Star Tracker mentioned to Starlight that he thought they were dating, Starlight quickly packed her stuff and left for the Crystal Empire to talk to Sunburst. The two realized they were practically already engaged (at least, by behavioral standards). So, they made the engagement official that day practically without a second thought. A few years after their wedding, they tried for a kid, but their attempts failed nearly every time. After a couple years, they finally succeeded in a pregnancy. They hadn’t had another child, but they’re very grateful for the child they have.

Mudbriar x Maud. They take a while to get engaged due to career stuff. During their whole relationship, Mudbriar never introduced his family to Maud. Why? Because they’re embarrassing, and he’s adopted. (No, Cheese isn’t his adopted brother.) Maud’s gonna get the truth one day.

OC x Limestone. Their story’s gonna come after Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Pharynx. I’m not ready to reveal the OC’s name quite yet.

Others I don’t have stories for yet:

Braeburn x Marble
Silver Shill x Coco Pommel
Ahuizotl x Daring Do
Party Favor x Sugar Belle
Double Diamond x Nightglider
Rockhoof x Meadowbrook
Flash Magnus x Somnambula
Big MacIntosh x Luna
Zephyr x Saffron Masala
Sombra x Radiant Hope
Hoo'far x Trixie (one thing though: Trixie started out with a crush on Flam, but she moved on from him)
Sandbar x Yona
Gallus x Silverstream
Terramar x Scootaloo
Tender Taps x Apple Bloom
Button Mash x Sweetie Belle
Featherweight x Babs Seed
Pipsqueak x Diamond Tiara
Capper x Celaeno
Novo x Seaspray
Discord x Celestia (it’s more of a tragic ship)
Grubber x Tempest
Thunderlane x Lightning Dust
Sky Stinger x Vapor Trail
Soarin x Spitfire
Time Turner x Muffins
Fancy Pants x Fleur de Lis
Flam x Rarity (after her divorce)

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Comments ( 2 )

Hmm, an interesting list. I eagerly await to see how all of these ships will fit in. Also, where's the love for Princess Skystar? And Yona? And Smolder? Not trying to start an argument, just curious.

I have yet to find ships I like for them. I love those characters though!

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