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MLP villain ranking: Vignette Valencia · 7:39pm Feb 25th, 2019

0/10 - AWFUL (unsalvageable, never should have been made, wouldn't recommend to anyone)
1/10 - HORRIBLE/BORING (tedious, hurts to watch, a bore, no reason to watch him/her, whatever positive things about him/her are tiny and not enough)
2/10 - VERY BAD (slightly less terrible, maybe there were one or two things you liked kept him/her from being a 1 but still very painful)
3/10 - BAD (the kind of bad where you're checking your watch over and over to see how much time is left before he/she gets off the screen)
4/10 - MEDIOCRE (not awful but not really that good either)
5/10 - EH (average, didn't love or hate him/her)
6/10 - DECENT (the first positive rating on this list, fine overall, glad you saw him/her once but wouldn't watch him/her again)
7/10 - GOOD (enjoyable enough that you'd maybe watch him/her again in future, had some noteworthy flaws but is overall a worthwhile villain)
8/10 - GREAT (a solid, enjoyable villain, very entertaining)
9/10 - EXCELLENT (very engaging, awesome, you definitely recommend to anyone)
10/10 - MASTERPIECE (extremely engaging, an absolute must-see)

Vignette Valencia

Nothing to report, folks. Vignette Valencia is Starlight Glimmer Clone Number who the fuck’s even counting anymore.

Goes magic-crazy for the pettiest of reasons.

Turns out “aww, she’s sad because she doesn’t have friends but wants them”, even though she had zero redeemable qualities up to that point.

Is offered friendship, bam, instantly good.

Gets off scot-free for going to such ridiculous extremes for nothing, rinse and repeat.

But Vignette is tooootally different from the rest because she speaks in bad internet slang.

As much as the show desperately needs another “I’m evil because being evil is fun” villain like Discord, Tirek, Adagio, Chrysalis or the Storm King, Ishi Rudell claimed on Twitter that it’s apparently up to Hasbro who gets reformed and who doesn’t.

I, however, have a hard time believing that, seeing how the writers stubbornly cling onto these villain archetypes and refuse to let go.



Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Sunset Shimmer
Lord Tirek
Adagio Dazzle
Starlight Glimmer
Midnight Sparkle
Gloriosa Daisy
Juniper Montage
Stygian/The Pony of Shadows
The Storm King
Wallflower Blush
Vignette Valencia (you're already here, you banana)
Chancellor Neighsay
Cozy Glow

Comments ( 6 )

The most forgettable antagonist in the series.

I'll be honest with you, I actually like Juniper Montage more than Vignette Valencia, simply because the former doesn't speak in obnoxious, dated-in-five-years Internet lingo. :ajbemused:

Oh this bitch. Coming in at number 3 on my list of awful character in the franchise coming after Timber and Starlight. You have a bad character if ever word out of her mouth makes me want to kick a puppy. She is the reason I opted out of the special 10 minutes in

I actually ship her with Timber cause they have so much in common. There both egotistical and annoying in there own way. A match made in heaven.

I hate her so much I don’t even remember her name most of the time.

Comment posted by JimmyHook19 deleted Aug 7th, 2020

FYI, Ishi Rudell isn't a writer, he just turns what they write into animation. It's out of his authority to decide what happens to them.

1/10 is much too generous for this tired rehash. She combines all the worst aspects of Juniper Montage and Wallflower Blush, and she's going to be horribly outdated when social media trends change.

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