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    New Comic: Bare Naked Science Exhibition

    Since this is all but a dead account at this point, I'll keep it short.
    Moon Pearl and I have released another comic, this time focusing on EQG Celestia and Luna caught up in a wardrobe malfunction situation. Fans of ENF, public nudity, exhibitionism might be interested in this.

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    Final Fantasy ENF Collab is finally up for sale.

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    I hope you like furry/scaly incest- Shedding Inhibitions Chapter 2 is available for purchase

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    This is a comic series I've co-produced with furry artist atrolux-- he's done all the art, I wrote the script from beginning to end. Hope y'all like it.

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Shedding Inhibitions: Big HUGE Project Collab Between Me And Atrolux · 12:07am Feb 25th, 2019

I have no idea how many of you still following me know me well enough to remember that I'm a huge fan of Atrolux's art, back when he was still drawing MLP stuff but even more so after he came up with his two snake OC's that are pretty much his poster children now.

Long story short, Kyra is a thicc intersex snake woman with an intimidating sex drive. Amon is her son born from a one night stand she had with another snake woman (who wasn't intersex, obviously). The two are in a loving incestuous relationship. And pictures of them by Atrolux usually depict them expressing that love. In very intriguing ways. Usually in public. With an audience. (What you're seeing above is one of the few SFW pictures of them that exist).

Atro and I have been friends for a number of years now, and last year he approached me with the idea of making an origin story comic about how the two met and fell in love, saying he wanted me to write the script while he drew the art. I naturally jumped at the chance and couldn't have written that script faster. Atro's been hard at work for the past year drawing some spectacular pages to bring my script to life, and as of this morning, the first act out of three in total is finally available for purchase:


As you'll read in the first page of the pack, me and Atro wanted to do something different from your typical porn comic where you have maybe 3-4 pages of buildup, and then sex all the way until the final page. Our goal was and still is to present something that focuses on character development, sentimental moments and building some depth, while also providing some sexual enticement sprinkled throughout. Not to worry, the finale of the third and final act will have the big payoff you're wanting, we're just letting the pot boil a little so that final payoff feels all the more enjoyable.
That said, if you enjoy my writing or Atro's art -- or both... both is good-- then please consider purchasing the pack. I get a cut of the payment, so you'll be supporting both of us by purchasing this. And it's only $10 bucks for about 30 pages plus bonus content at extremely high resolution.

I'll make more posts as he releases the second and third acts, which should take less time to finish than this one did. Keep your ears peeled.

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Ah, so you were the writer for this one? I thought it had just been Altruox alone.

Nah. Hes been saying the while time I wrote the script.

Admittedly I don't read journals and such much, I just saw the advert itself XB

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