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Update : Class Party! · 3:12pm Feb 24th, 2019

Hey Everypony!

First & foremost, I would like to apologize for the inactivity in my Writing section. I'm really busy nowadays & I wonder if I'll be even able to write anything this year. Nevertheless, I have kept the chapters ofThe Journal of The Two Sisters ready, just in case. I'll be having my Annuals this Wednesday & it will go on till 14th of March. But I'll try to stay online as much as possible & complete my writing part.

And, I had my Class Party this Thursday!:raritystarry: It was okayish type, though.:unsuresweetie: The party was nice & all, but I got my heels broken & my necklace too.:facehoof: Damn, way to ruin it, though. They had informed us to wear decent dresses. But 1 hour into the party, I was asked to wear pants as the Supervisor was yelling at the ones who wore tight leggings. I was like what?!:rainbowhuh: I was wearing a dress that goes below my knees & even my parents were fine with it. But I honestly don't know what problem the teachers have. I had to borrow from one of my classmates.:facehoof: Rest of the Party was fine, I guess. My friends had stuffed themselves with the food some brought from their home that they were hesitating to eat the buffet the school had organized.:rainbowlaugh: I ate little by little so it wasn't a problem for me. Aren't I good girl? :raritywink: At the end, all of us dipped our hands into acrylic paint (that was washable, of course) & made our handprint on the black chart paper. It was fun!

What were y'all upto? Comment down below & will meet soon enough, I guess.

Crystal Out! xxxx

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I'm just hanging out at home

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