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  • Wednesday
    You Know What Was Fun?

    Writing that Super Mario Kart knockoff chapter in season six... I should get back to something similar for either S8 or S9.

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  • Monday
    Learning About Lord Drakkon

    The would-be alternate future version of Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers Boom Comics... Its strikes some inspiration...

    Don't do Evil Future Stardust, Jack. Don't do Evil Future Stardust, Jack. Don't do Evil Future Stardust, Jack-

    Evil Alicorn Future Stardust... As the main antagonist of the second movie...!

    Oh no.

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  • Monday
    Bad News Everyone

    In the event that a new cover for AJBS isn't made in time, season eight may have to be postponed until we can get something. If you know anyone whom does cover requests, let me know, and help us give the story the new fresh change of another season.

    3 comments · 53 views
  • Sunday
    Alright, But For Real Though

    ...Stardust X Hipster Fluttershy, Snooty Fluttershy or Gothic Fluttershy?

    Sidenote... Think I'm into goths now.

    12 comments · 47 views

KH3 Battle Ripoff · 4:10pm February 21st

(Spoiler parody of the last few hours of the game.)

And so, multiple heroes from various dimensions come together in opposing the Goddess of Twilight, the entity of Balance vowing to reset the entire multiverse and force all light and darkness as one. To reach her, the heroes of good and evil must battle together against her Twilight Warriors, all with blazing gold eyes.

Battle 1:

(Frozen) Twilight Warrior: Tack, the Master of Time.

(Brave) Twilight Warrior: Hack, the Stalwart of Gravity.

(Tangled) Twilight Warrior: Wack, the Joker of Space.

Boss Track: Twilight's Resolve.

Battle 2:

(Star Wars) Twilight Warrior: Suncrush, the Forcebringer.

(Harry Potter) Twilight Warrior: Aura, the Sorcerer's Teacher.

Boss Track: Balanced Mystique.

Battle 3:

(MLP) Twilight Warrior: Stardust, the Equine Earthshaper.

(EQG) Twilight Warrior: Stardust, the Dancer of Blitz.

Boss Track: Star's Align-Lance.

Battle 4:

(RWBY) Twilight Warrior: James, the Divine Deviant.

(BioShock) Twilight Warrior: Cyrus, the Gun-Slinging Slasher.

Boss Track: Balance Impediment.

Battle 5:

Kingdom Hearts, the semifinal bosses before the Goddess of Twilight. The final stand of Twilight Warriors.

Twilight Warrior: Jack, the Balanced Keybearer.

Twilight Warrior: (Heartless) Kcxja, the Shadowed Chaos.

Twilight Warrior: (Nobody) Caxkj, The Negative Twilight.

Boss Track: Neverending Twilight.

Battle 6:

Goddess of Twilight: Siilvaniva.

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Comments ( 2 )

Very impressive :twilightsmile:

That's a lot if battles

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