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Clarion SFF writing workshop application deadline: March 1 · 12:19am Feb 20th, 2019

Most of you probably know that each year since 2013, I've promoted the Clarion SF&F writing workshop, and asked people to pledge money to help send someone from fimfiction to Clarion if they were accepted.

And every year since 2013, no one from fimfiction applied. So this year, I didn't ask people to pledge. But I'm confident that if somebody from fimfiction applies and gets accepted to Clarion, there will be great souls among us who will offer to help them pay for the workshop.

Most people also get some sort of scholarship through the Clarion Foundation. It's still expensive, and it's still 6 weeks, but it's very helpful if you want to write SF&F. See my earlier blogs for more info:

To apply, you submit a workshop application form, two short stories, and the $70 application fee. All are submitted online, and due March 1, 2019 (11:59pm Pacific Time).

Submit TWO complete short stories, each between 2,500 words and 6,000 words in length. The stories should represent your best fiction work to date. One story, preferably both, should be genre. Clarion is a short story workshop; please do not send screenplays, poetry, essays, or portions of a novel.

Complete information & instructions on how to apply are here.

Some of the other workshops mentioned in my previous posts are also still accepting applications, but I haven't gone & gathered all that info this year.

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I would pay far more money than I should to see Aragon attend. :pinkiehappy:

Clarion is not ready for Aragon. The world is not ready for Aragon. That's why we keep him here.

I would absolutely donate to help an a fimfic author go. It would be awesome to send an author i like and i think it would be hilarious to send someone i hate. People thought it was embarrassing that 50 shades of grey started as a twilight fan fic. They haven't seen nothin yet.

The biggest downside to me (and potentially other people as well) in terms of applying is that it’s six weeks. I can’t take six weeks off work and still have a job, and while I have aspirations of being a for-real author, my aspirations don’t pay the bills.


Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Would love to attend, but no way I could get that much time off work.

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