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    Hello There

    I'm sure everyone knows what I'm referencing there! :)

    So yes, it's me here after being away for about a month straight, and if you're wondering if I've been hoarding toilet paper during that time, that'd be a no.

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    A blog of many words, words that are, words that were, and some words which have not yet come to pass

    I think I'm reverting back to monthly blog, err... things?

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    Merry Christmas!

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    I do hope your having a wonderful Christmas, I know I am!

    And now it wouldn't be Christmas without some Christmas music would it?

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    Never have been so proud about...

    Making an exit button that WORKS! IT WORKS! Never before have I done such a magnificent thing! Of course there are all of the memory overflow issues I probably should have worked on, but still it actually works! Now that I don't have to alt-f4 to quit who knows what I can do.

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That Weirdo Reporting in · 8:32am Feb 18th, 2019

Why hello there! Welcome to another blog post! Please attempt to not die while reading, it would go badly for my reputation.

Now, have you ever had a dream in which the entire story, plot, setting, and almost everything else is laid out right before your eyes in a way that'd make a perfect book? Because I have and it was... a very interesting experience, the only problem I have, is that I wish I'd dreamt it after I'd finished the books I'm currently writing, but, alas, that was not to be.
Anyways, I'll be writing that sometime afterwards, because of a great many reasons.

Speaking of my books, if you want to sign up to pre-read any of them please send a pm or email and specify why you want to be, and what category you want to be in (beta reader or alpha reader).

Now, I've been a bit busy and lost interest in writing a single word about anything for a bit, so the progression of my main story is going a bit slow, but I'll make sure I pick up the pace, even if it's the last thing I do!

Anyways, enjoy your day!

That Weirdo signing out.

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