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I am a big fan of My Little Pony. My favorite character is Princess Luna.

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  • Wednesday
    Music Post 21

    These two are by Aviators, both of them based on Game of Thrones. They are called Lowborn and Blood and Snow. I mainly decided to post this now because of the final season beginning soon, and this is truly one of the greatest shows of all time, so this is my way of honoring it. I hope

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  • 3 weeks
    Music Post 20

    This is one by UndreamedPanic, featuring MetaJoker, called The Quest For Kindness. It is about Fluttershy and Discord, with a fairly complex storyline as mentioned in the description of the video. This is one of my favorites. The lyrics really speak to me, for some reason. I hope you like it! :twilightsmile:

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  • 3 weeks
    Music Post 19

    This is by Prince Whateverer, and it’s called Not Letting Go. It features Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa, and CGScambles. It is about Fluttershy. And finally, I would like to say, happy birthday BradyBunch! This is your present from me. And, to you and everyone else who sees this, I hope

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  • 4 weeks
    Very Important Blog Post 2

    Hi, everypony! I am here to say some things that I feel are important, but as I write this, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this, and I don’t intend to edit it after I’m done writing it, so this is going to be a little random. This will probably make the most sense if you’ve read my previous blog post here. It

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  • 4 weeks
    Very Important Blog Post

    I didn’t want to have to say this, but I need to let you all know something very important. I am going to be drastically changing the way I use this site, as it is not working out for me. I will no longer be checking my notifications most of the time, and I will decrease the amount of PMs that I will respond to. I will only be truly using this site for the purpose of reading stories, nothing

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Music Post 17 · 8:35pm February 14th

This is a Brony song by an artist called Homage (possible reference to the character from Fallout: Equestria?!), and it is called Something About You. It is on the Ponies At Dawn YouTube channel, they release actual albums of pony related music from many different artists and are a big part of the music side of the community. The song itself is intended to be to Starlight, from the perspective of Trixie. However, the lyrics can really be interpreted with any characters in mind, it isn’t really that specific. I hope you like it! :twilightsmile:

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