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Zaten the Changeling

I am an aspiring writer. If you need a friend, just ask me! I love making friends! I'm a fan of many things, ask me and you'll find out! I am also interested by WWII and space.

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  • 11 weeks
    wow it's me again


    N O P E

    I'M BACK

    I HOPE

    i'm gonna try and do my story shit again i swear to it

    also this

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  • 58 weeks
    New record Feed amount (for me) and progress on the story!

    I have reached 796 feed thingies! That's a lot more than I had last time! I really should be more active here, heh...

    Anyways! I've made some progress, my brain has started secreting creative fluids once again and the first chapter of that story I said I was writing is coming along... fairly well, I guess? I hope so anyway.

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  • 60 weeks

    well i failed my only goal this summer

    looks like i'm goin to HIGH SCHOOL BABY

    i'll probably write MORE often now tho, just to keep myself entertained c;

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  • 66 weeks
    I'm not dead, just lurking

    As the title says, I am not dead. Nope. I am still here! Gonna write a story at some point soon I promise.

    Anyways, new record for my feed! 609 unread feed thingies. :3

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  • 69 weeks
    Summer means Stories

    Okay! It's summer now. Which means I'm gonna write and publish at least one story! I'm a procrastinating little bastard though as seen in the past so it mayyyyy take a while BUT I'LL TRY MY BEST!

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Opportunity is dead, after 15 years · 9:41pm Feb 13th, 2019

Please, give Opportunity a moment of silence and respect. NASA has declared Oppy as dead as of six hours ago. Fifteen years. Fifteen years is how long Oppy continued its mission, collecting data on the red planet for NASA and roaming the surface of the planet. Fifteen years, when its original mission was planned to only last 90 days. Fifteen years is a long time, folks. Longer than I've been alive. May Opportunity rest in peace, and may it lay in its final resting place for as long as the Martian winds and dust storms allow.

Kris Overstreet, one of my favorite authors, has also made a blog post about this. Check it out below.
A moment of silence, please.

I also made a meme in tribute.

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