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  • Tuesday
    Some of the weird shit that goes on in my messenger group chat

    Idk why, "why what?" You ask? Why ANYTHING!!!:facehoof:

    4 comments · 43 views
  • Tuesday
    I'm honestly very happy right now

    It's friends like Gboyd that I can't do without, as well as quite a few others, I'm truly grateful for all of you who, even after I exposed my political views and opinions, and showed a side of myself that I typically don't show, they stuck around and were still proud as ever to call me their friend, that's something that you don't see very

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  • Tuesday
    I believe I lost a few hundred braincells

    All thanks to the utter stupidity I have been exposed to while lacking a phone and internet, and people wonder why I'm antisocial, yeesh

    7 comments · 60 views
  • Tuesday
    Every porno these days be like

    I have a bone to pick with you STEP BRO
    You don't fuck me enough STEP BRO
    is it the new thing to be sexually attracted to your step siblings?
    Asking for a friend LMFAO

    1 comments · 50 views
  • Monday
    I have new better fishes now too

    Better because they didn't die within 24 hours of me owning them, I'm not going back to that PetSmart, I don't have discord so idk how to post images ATM on fimfic, I'll figure something out, anyways, how've you guys been?

    2 comments · 27 views

looking back · 5:46pm Feb 12th, 2019

wow... i ve only been on fimfiction for a few months and i’ve made so many great friends (145+) and i truly want to thank you all,
and i want to know how the hell i got so many great friends,
overall you guys are AMAZING and i love you!!!!

Kody the ultimate brony

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Comments ( 3 )

I know you've barely been here 2 months

aww we love you too man

Love ya too bro!

Love, Kobe.

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