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An important message, brought to you the night before the election · 4:47am Nov 6th, 2012

Any fellow Minnesotans in the house? No? Well too bad!

Hey, everyone, tomorrow's going to be a big day, and I want to remind you all why it's so important.

Remember, everyone who will be voting tomorrow in Minnesota will be voting on two crucial amendments to our state Constitution. One of these is particularly close to my heart. One proposed amendment would forever set in stone in our state constitution the unchangeable idea that marriage should only be granted to one man and one woman. But you know what? This is wrong. This amendment would really hurt people - real families, some of whom you might even know. There are so many families out there, thousands across our state who would be harmed, and thousands more across our country, one of which in particular is extremely important to me personally.

There are families where two women, or two men, found a loving, lifelong partner in one another, because they were just born that way. They're capable of loving another woman, or another man, just as much as any man and woman could love one another. And they've all persisted in their love even through the scathing persecution thrown their way by a large portion of society. They've done their best to raise children to be kind, decent human beings in the face of a hate-filled world, and they make just as wonderful, if not more so, parents as any other couple. These are the kinds of families that will be affected by the Anti-Marriage Amendment. These are the families who will be told by the people of the state of Minnesota, if this amendment passes, that their love is not legitimate. That their relationships are not legitimate. The their family is inferior. That is not the sort of message Minnesota ought to be sending. Exclusion and persecution are not values we as a people believe in, but that is exactly what this amendment will promote. Therefore, I am asking you - nay, I am pleading with you, to vote NO on this hateful, harmful amendment. It's time to sow our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, and the rest of the country, that we will not allow fear to rule our lives, nor our laws. Marriage is for everyone, not just the heterosexual majority.

p.s. It wouldn't hurt to vote NO on the Voter Restriction Amendment as well.

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Why is it, that the world would rather see two men with weapons rather than hand in hand?

U Haz All Uv Mah Yuss! (As in, I will do what u say)

Think of the lesbian ponies! Do it for them! :rainbowwild::ajsmug:

Meanwhile, VA has no such amendments up for voting. Although, I'm being a good little voter and doing my research right now for the big day.

I live nowhere near Minnesota but that's not going to stop me from hoping with all my spirit that this does not pass. And I'm not even that spiritual of a person. :twilightsmile:

I wish you and your state the best of luck in defeating this measure. It's funny really. Just today I was thinking how this shouldn't even be an issue considering how we are supposed to be a secular nation. Why do they want to view marriage as strictly heterosexual? The only reasoning I can see all come from a religious base. If this nation was meant to be secular, why is this an issue? Ranting aside, I really do hope that abomination (<-- my general opinion about any measure similar to this) fails miserably.

I would vote, but I don't live in Minnesota, plus I am not of age for it.
But then again, this country is about to go WAAAAAY under...
Whoever gets elected, God, Celestia and Cthulhu save this country....

Not even an Elderitdch Abomination can inflict so much damage to this great country.

I cannot vote, but I am putting all of my hope that the law doesn't get passed

* claps hands * :heart:

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