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I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some from ahead and some from behind.But I've bought a big bat, I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles will have troubles with me. - Dr. Seus

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    How I plan to uncomplicate my life

    I've had to reorganize my life quite a bit. I have too many stories and other projects in too many places to update on a regular basis. So I am going to simplify my life.

    First, I will no longer be updating on this site. I will still be around and this account will not be deleted.

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    The Blog Post You Are All Owed

    Alright First. I am still Alive. My attention has just been very distracted
    Secondly, I want to shout out to a few friends that I have been Remiss in talking too.

    True Edge - I look forward to what you're planning. Whatever it is. But please don't pull a Jaycren and forget others exist. Not my favorite personality trait.

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    These are the stories I have posted (in no particular order):
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    Lets Try Something New

    I am going to try and start something. Basically I am going to start writing my gamer fic over on AO3 on a regular basis. The rules for that are simple. Every chapter I will try to kill the character count before the delete date. However I have to post by the delete date. I also want to continue posting my other stories, both here and on the other sites. I am doing this so that I can speed

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    The Last Quick Blog, The End Of A Trilogy

    Alright, I have finally posted my Gamer fiction over on Ao3. Fair warning, their will be mature content. If you have a problem with any of that, go read something else. Get triggered on some other Author's work snowflake. If however the prospect of mature content does not deter you, then go and read The Players Games Play..

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When Chaos returns and the narrative flows free. · 11:49am Feb 10th, 2019

Welp, the update schedule was both a resounding failure and a fantastic success. I was unable to keep to it with any frequency even if I did complete several stories while trying.

However, it did give me the time to go back into the insane asylum that is my life and realize one simple thing. I am a being of CHAOS! Freedom of thought and expression are the things I value. Therefore I will now update what I choose when I choose to do so. I will still be going for once a week and I will honor any agreements made, but I will be going in the directions I desire. Stay tuned for further announcements.


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Glad to hear you’re gettin’ the groove back, man! I’m also starting to think that, while I’m not going to give up on the new series I’ve started working on, I should stop stressing about what I “should” be writing, and just write what I feel like at the time.

Anyway, here’s to many more awesome stories to enjoy reading, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

Yes! Do what you do! There is probable an avatar change incoming, but we shall see.

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