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She's like the sunrise, Outshines the moon at night, Precious like... · 3:56pm Feb 8th, 2019

This pony:

She is amazing.

So amazing.

She doesn't know how not to be amazing.

Simultaneously adorable and terrifying.

The best thing to happen to the show since season 5.

The future alicorn princess we all need.

Yes, really.

She takes your hatred and sprinkles it on her tacos for an extra-satisfying chili kick.

A tasty snack for when deciding whether or not to murder you.

For demonstration, a scientific experiment has been conducted.





When a portrayal like this feels in-character for a pony, then what a pony she is.

(And what a story, too - Gen 5 could potentially be so good!)

(I mean, it won't be)...

...(Because the odds of lightning striking twice really aren't good, and successive FIM writing teams have proven that, while they do give us great Starlight moments, on the whole they don't 'get' Lauren Faust's vision, the very thing that lifted MLP into the realm of something worth watching, after thirty years of being the opposite)...

...(But it could be).

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Comments ( 13 )

I'd say this post proves your point, but... I dunno, if Starlight's the topic of an entire blog but gets ruthlessly upstaged by a mere two Maud gifs, I think your hypothesized pseudo-best-pony-ness status is lacking adequate support.

But this is a nice post :twilightsmile:

Needs more eels, though.

5009959 Now edited to give a more precise ending!

And I agree, Maud is closer to Best Pony. But she couldn't lead the next series. Whereas Starlight and Maud are wonderful in all their interactions. As are Starlight and Trixie. And Starlight and Twilight, and Starlight and Spike (despite Spike), and Starlight and...

She's the one who could helm a new series.

Although I think my point really was that she can be wonderful without being Best Pony :twilightsmile:

Unfortunately I dont think thats an option...

5010012 Gen 5 being good, you mean?

Well, they could get Cold in Gardez and GaPJaxie to write it...

Ha! No it might be good, I just dont ecpect to see the likes of Maud, Trixie, and Starlight to return sadly.

5010088 Very true, and ultimately for the best. The more they can make it fresh and new again, the more they'll be able to tell new stories without repeating themselves. I quite like the idea of one of the lesser ponies from FIM being the new series lead, but with all the details changed. Just that they'd keep the name, design, personality and voice actress.

Author Interviewer


Oh, yes, Limestone is best pony. I was confused for a bit by the rest of the post, but your conclusion remains valid. :)

5010196 :pinkiegasp:

She is! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Limestone Pie makes me so happy. Shortly after The Maud Couple aired I sought out every story she's in on fimfiction and read them all, except the ones that looked terrible.

Then I tried writing my own, and I'd be interested to know what you think of it, as I think we have quite similar taste in stories and you've liked a sillier short story I did like that in the past (Pointlessly Cruel)?

If you're interested, it's this one - Limestone's in it from chapter 2 onwards, and makes it noticeably better!

Hm, I think I'd prefer like a spiritual successor in that case. Never been a huge fan of character reboots I guess. But yes, a more villainy main character who remains somewhat cillanous would be great. I doubt it'll happen though. But we'll have to see! It's possible they'll do something completely different and amazing. Serialized cartoons have gotten a bit more popular in the last decade or so, so I'd love to see a show with something like a coherent plot, at least in the background.

There were also rumblings of a certain Limestone and Aria project, once upon a time...

Author Interviewer

You make some good points, both here and in the blog. I like to think of Starlight as “Best Worst Pony”—she’s amazing, really she is, but part of the reason is because she’s such a contrast to the comparatively “pure” characters that populate most of the world. Starlight has been all the way to the dark side and she’s still potentially dangerous, even if she’s been inspired to try to live better. She’s flawed in a way that feels more relatable and true-to-life than a lot of the ponies.

I think she’s fantastic in a close supporting role, but I agree that it would be hard for her to carry a whole series on her own. Despite her background as a leader, and despite the fact that she can lead when she has to, I think she’d be hard-pressed to serve in a true, healthy, long-term leadership role. Though I also think that she has the potential to grow and evolve as a character over a longer arc—kinda like the show’s been doing with her for the last few seasons. :rainbowkiss:

(p.s., Limestone is of course best pony and deserves a dedicated series)

5010243 If you're interested, Limestone Pie is half of this month's focused pairing in the Uncommon Dazzling Ships group :twilightsmile:

5010223 Well remembered! I held off replying publicly last month so it'd be a surprise today, but I went ahead and threw in that extract I'd written as a ship example :pinkiehappy:

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