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New Story: Elements of Harmony · 1:07pm Feb 8th, 2019

Hey ponies, quick one here. I've got a new story that's probably out by the time you're reading this! Why not check it out? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/431716/elements-of-harmony

Elements of Harmony explores what might've happened with the season five finale, if instead of spending a minute or two in each of the alternate worlds, if Twilight was trapped in the collision of all of them simultaneously. There will be no easy escape switch, no simple spell. Twilight will have to unite her friends--friends that no longer even remember her name--if she's to stand any chance of returning Equestria to the way it ought to be.

This will be a weekly story, taking the Thursday slot.

So if you're interested in seeing another timeline explored, maybe give this one a try? Weird to have a story without humans or science fiction, but... that's where we are.

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