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Absentia, Chapter 8: Fall · 1:53pm Feb 7th, 2019

It's all over. It's the end, finally, and both of them realize that. There's only one last thing to do.
Clear. Fly. Fall.

Hello everyone! Gosh, that took awhile to get done, but I still couldn't wait to finally get towards the conclusion. There's only one more chapter, and then I will have finally completed one of my longer fics!

About the ending of this chapter. I know a lot of you are going to be mad about that. That Scootaloo would hesitate, after everything. But here's the thing to consider - Scootaloo wasn't really Scootaloo anymore, as I tried to show for the past few chapters more clearly. She's lost into the mind of Absentia, which is comprised of so, so many children, all of whom lost their lives in a tragic, traumatic way. It's awful. These children are completely warped, all with different personalities and emotions and feelings. No wonder it was so hard for her to kill Rainbow!

As for how I'm doing, I'm working hard in school! I'm in my final semester of college now, and this has been next to impossible. I've worked incredibly hard to get this far, but it's really been harder this semester. I'm teaching full time now, and taking 3 classes on top of that! It's a time crunch at all moments of my life. But I'm getting through it! And I managed to release another chapter, just for you all.

I hope you all enjoy :)

- Rice

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