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Rainbow Sparkle

My name is Cain, a person who loves writing and rping. Am also a writer on Furaffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rainbowsparkle91/, come check me out!

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  • 9 weeks
    My Little Ponytales Status

    As of this moment, I am putting My Little Ponytales on an indefinite hiatus. While I have an outline for the episodes/chapters that come next, I just haven't felt any kind of motivation to work on the story in a long, long while. And I have made no progress on either the next episode in the story nor have I even tweaked or added to the outline I have.

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  • 31 weeks
    Writing Status

    I'm still present, still doing writing stuff, but I am going to primarily shift to focusing on both my Tales of Monster City stuff for my Undertale Alternate Universe, as well as my NSFW stuff I'm doing on FA. I might put up a journal here linking to an FA one in the future when I decide to do a NSFW MLP story Your Choice Here thing.

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  • 50 weeks
    2 Story Commission Slots Open (closed as of 9/1/19)

    UPDATE- Commissions closed, will do via blog post next time.

    Copying from my Furaffinity journal, found here

    Commission Info here

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    2 comments · 108 views
  • 54 weeks
    Working on Ponytales Update, other things

    I'm working on Chapter 3.5, a sort of smaller thing I wanted to include in Chapter 3, but felt would detract somewhat from it's more bright and happy theme. Not sure when it'll be done, but I am working on getting to it.

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  • 55 weeks
    Honor Reforged Cancelled/Up for Adoption

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and found myself wondering if I should try to work on Honor Reforged again. The problem is... I just keep feeling no motivation to do so, and I haven't worked on the outline I had for it in... *checks* ouch... the last time I touched it was back in November 1st of last year. Ouch. Thought... thought I'd worked on that more recently...

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Creative Stuff+Update · 5:26pm Feb 5th, 2019

Hey folks, been working on other stuffs and dealing with carpal tunnel, bleh to that, but anyways, I've decided after being inspired from Half-Hearted Dreamers to make an Undertale ask blog thing! https://undertalenotforgottenau.tumblr.com/

I've also got a fair bit of the first chapter for my UndertalexMLP crossover episodic story thing written, I just have to get around to getting the rest of it done.

Combined with finally making an update for a Star TrekxStar Wars crossover timeline over on Alternate History Discussion Board, I've been busy! Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great February!

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