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State of the Scribe: February 2019 · 9:55pm Feb 4th, 2019

Hey everypony, hope you all had a fantastic January. I know it was a blast for me--got a few new stories out there, worked on some really awesome stuff.

So let's get to the proverbial red square in the room. Starscribe, you may ask, what the heck is that? Well, that's my Message in a Bottle IndieGoGo campaign! Expect a full post with all the details soon, but here's a link now if you're curious: https://igg.me/at/starscribe

To hit on it real quick, that's the fundraiser for the in-print publication run of Message in a Bottle. The campaign will be all-or-nothing, getting printed if there's enough demand for the book, and not otherwise. I'll be using this project as a bit of a yardstick, to see if any of my other projects (Looking as you, Last Pony on Earth) will ever get a printing. But I'd really like a hardcover of the book, and I've contacted by quite a few people who said they wanted one too. Whether we're enough to get one made... we'll soon find out.

Now, back to Patreon stuff. This coming month is going to be end for a story that's been with us for some time now, Meliora. It's been quite the adventure, this story, and I'm hugely thankful to Lightfox for making this story possible. The story will be ending this month, and in its place... only time will tell.

For those interested in Jackie, I've already written a sequel-ish story, which is waiting for editing now, that will follow Meliora as soon as it's done and the cover is ready. In something new I'd like to try out, that story will probably be my first Patreon exclusive, and will transition to Fimfiction a little while after it's done, similar to the way I've done things in the past.

Cutie Re-Map will hopefully get a cover and transition to Fimfiction this coming month, which will be pretty awesome. I think this is the sort of story many people will be interested in, all cannon characters and no humans and stuff, but time will tell.

In one last piece of news, one of my more popular works right now is the story "Voyage of the Equinox," which is updating a few times a week and responds to reader comments. I've toyed with the idea of offering some unique patron reward on that story, but I haven't been able to think of anything that wouldn't ruin the character of the story. Extra votes or something would be bad--that takes away the democratic feeling, which is essential to its character. If anyone has any ideas, hit me up.

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That's fantastic, and good on you for managing so many things all at once! My calendar just has "keep working on "A Tempest Tossed" every day of the week, except on Saturdays where it reads "weep openly."

I wish I had that kind of energy!

The patreons could have "fate points" to reroll/add to the RNG rolls, potentially changing its outcomes.

315% of $700 achieved.


For that to work they'd have to be on the Discord, since the rolls would need to have points added to them before the chapter was posted and complete. Still, might be an interesting direction to explore.

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