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  • 29 weeks
    What story should I focus on

    Hello everyone and to anyone who follows me. I have a question about my stories. I don’t really get a chance to go over them. I barely post a chapter but I want to do more. For starters tell me what story I should focus on .

    (I’m Not A Villain)

    (The Wish)


    (A Different Story)*

    (Lord of Humanity)*

    (I’m The Raven Knight)*

    (The Summoner) (re-upload coming soon)

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    24 comments · 211 views
  • 147 weeks
    New Warlord

    Come check out my new story.

    2 comments · 233 views

New Warlord · 4:26am Feb 4th, 2019

Come check out my new story.

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That story is awesome when will the next chapter will come out

I like this story too and was wondering if your going to continue this story and the lord of humanity one

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